2019 First Days of School!

Well another school year is off to the races! We had some bittersweet changes this year. Last year our beloved little 2-day-a-week school made some (really positive) changes. Namely, they are now requiring students to attend 3 full days and, for various reasons, it just wasn’t a great fit for our family. I think the… Continue reading 2019 First Days of School!

2019 Last Day Snow Day!

Happy Summer, Everyone! I cannot BEEEEE-LEEEEEVE how quickly this summer is flying by! Waaahhh!!! Our last day of school was a memorable one this year…not ONLY because we had snow, but the city had SO.MUCH.SNOW that they actually CANCELED SCHOOL. If you don’t believe me, ask me how many tears were shed that Tuesday morning.… Continue reading 2019 Last Day Snow Day!

Selah the ONEderful!!

How do you explain the awesome wonders of the twelfth month of Selah’s life in one post? How do you sum up the ONEderfulness of the first year of Selah Bean’s existence? How do you solve a problem like Maria? Like this. She walks. She talks.  Her favorite words are, “Up!”, “Heh-whoa” (hello), “Hi,” “Bye-bye”,… Continue reading Selah the ONEderful!!

Where in the world…

…is this Mexican Mama Blogger?? Well, for those of you who have been beating down my door, shouting at me from your rooftops, emailing me daily wondering why I haven’t been blogging*…I want you to know that I’m right here. And I want you to know that my lack of blogging simply isn’t my fault.… Continue reading Where in the world…