Where in the world…

…is this Mexican Mama Blogger??

Well, for those of you who have been beating down my door, shouting at me from your rooftops, emailing me daily wondering why I haven’t been blogging*…I want you to know that I’m right here.

And I want you to know that my lack of blogging simply isn’t my fault. There are probably a lot of things that ARE my fault, but this isn’t one of them.

Unfortunately, I was without a computer for almost four months.

(Fact: No computer=very difficult to blog.)

Fortunately, our insurance money for said stolen computer finally came through and we got me a computer at the end of January.

(Fact: New computer=first step in being able to blog effectively.)

Unfortunately, we didn’t have working internet.

(Fact: No internet=very difficult to blog.)

Fortunately, after a little money, a lot of time, and an untraceable amount of tears trying to get our internet working, our neighbor gave us the password to use hers.

(Fact: Working internet=second step in being able to blog effectively.)

Unfortunately, every computer and electronic device from here to Timbuktu works perfectly with our neighbor’s internet…except my brand new computer.

(Fact: 5 months worth of computer and internet drama=one very defeated Mexican Mama blogger.)

So, hello, world. Here I am. With internet that works V-E-R-Y sporadically and V-E-R-Y slowly waiting to thwart me once again, with about a dozen blogs written into word documents waiting to be copied and pasted into new posts, with hundreds of pictures of my beautiful children waiting to be revealed to the world, and with a cup of decaf, tepid Joe waiting to recharge me as I attempt to catch up.

New blog posts…coming soon! 

*Actually, no one’s even noticed that I haven’t been blogging except my 98 year old grandma** who lives to read my blog posts. After her health has showed a very steady decline since my last post 2 months ago, I realized I had better explain myself.

**Actually, I don’t have a grandma. But I was hoping that Murphy*** would read that, feel sorry for me, change his little law and leave me alone.

***Actually, I’m trying to renounce my belief in Murphy’s Law because my husband tells me I’m ridiculous. But I’m telling him, “You can’t argue with the facts.” Well, here’s to you, Murphy, and all your little blog-thwarting tricks!!! 


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