Selah the ONEderful!!

How do you explain the awesome wonders of the twelfth month of Selah’s life in one post? How do you sum up the ONEderfulness of the first year of Selah Bean’s existence? How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Like this.

She walks.

She talks. 

Her favorite words are, “Up!”, “Heh-whoa” (hello), “Hi,” “Bye-bye”, “Uh-oh” (when she drops something on purpose), “WHOA” (when she falls or something else falls), “Ma-ma,” “Da-da,” “nigh-nigh,” and “M-M-M-M-M-a!” when she wants to nurse or eat.

But my favorite one of her words is, “Heh-whoa!” She’ll put most any object up to her ear and say it!!

She also used to say it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again any time someone would walk into the room, but I was never able to catch that on video. But I did get her to say it, prompted:

She claps.

She claps her hands, and her puzzle pieces!

She climbs.

I love this picture because this is totally the face I make every time she discovers something new to climb…incredulous, impressed, shocked, and proud :).
She climbs EVERYTHING…
Booster seats are one of her favorite things to climb, along with car seats, chairs, and tables.



She plays. 

Though we’ve seen this the last few months for sure, this trait in her has come out especially strongly in the last month. She is SO PLAYFUL. She is goofy and funny and just loves to play. She loves to be THRILLED.

She spends most of her play time with this in her mouth.
One of her favorite things to do is throw herself backwards. She loves couches and beds and soft pillows because THIS is what she loves to do!! It freaks us out most of the time because she’s not super careful about making sure the thing behind her is soft before she does this.


This is such a silly, boring video :). And I’m in the background constantly correcting Elliott because I’m afraid he’s going to hurt her :/. But if you want a true glimpse into Selah’s world of wrestle and play, here it is!!




Here she is, going UP and DOWN the slide over and over and over again :).

She loves deeply and passionately.

She is deeply passionate about head-wear and feet-wear. She’s totally obsessed with hats and will put anything and everything on her head and say, “hat!”

See the headband on her head? She put it there herself :).

Every time she finds anyone’s shoes or socks on the floor, she sits and attempts to put them on.

See the sock in her hand? She LOVES socks.

Besides being accessorized with hats and socks and shoes, she is deeply passionate about her favorite people. When she sees someone she loves, she screams at the top of her lungs. In normal circumstances, we are training her not to scream, but I just can’t train this out of her…it’s too sweet. I don’t want to quench her excitement and passion. She really does loves people like her mommy :).

She is ONE. 

She started off the year like this:

8 pounds, 3 oz, 20 1/4 inches tall, no teeth, captivating beauty

And ended it up like this:

20 lbs, 2 oz, 30 inches tall, 8 teeth, and a captivating beauty, love and joy that has spread to every person she has encountered.


Selah the ONEderful, you have enriched our lives in every possible way. We love your joy, your playfulness, your deep passion, and your love.


Here are a few shots from her one year photo shoot! Thank you, KristiAnne Photography!

Our lil’ cowgirl!
In her mama’s shoes 🙂
Thank you, Lord, for the delight of Selah Bethany as our daughter!!




Click here to see all of her 1 year photos!



  1. Happy, happy birthday to the happiest of girls! Susanne, Selah’s light and sweetness shine through. Sending love to her from afar,
    Aunt Paula and Uncle Joe xoxo

  2. This is totally amazing!!! You really captured her in this one, Susanne…she is truly this spirited and adventurous! She is one in a million!!

    OH, and though I am always seeing Brian in her, in the booster chair photo, I thought, “She looks just like Sus!!!”

    Love this, hooray!!!

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