Selah B, 11 months girl in the existence of all the earth :).

It’s. Just. Gone. Wayyyyyy. Toooooo. Faaaaaaast….

Every day she grows more independent. Every day we see more of her personality budding. Every day she gets closer and closer to become ONE YEAR OLD.

But she’s never been as close as THIS. How is it that my next blog post of her will be her TWELVE MONTH blog post?!! In some languages, “12 months” is translated to “one year.” Could it really be????!!!

Well, hello, month 12. Nice to meet you. Let me introduce you to the baby girl who is now entering your sphere.

This baby buns tells you HOW it is.

The fruit of the status of “little sister” is loud and clear. If Elliott takes a toy out of her hand, she clenches her fists and makes this face. If we tell her something is off limits, she clenches her fists and makes this face. I am so thankful I got it on camera 🙂 because I just think it is the most precious “I’m upset” face that I have ever seen. I have said this before about her, but I LOVE when she tells me what’s on her mind, even if she’s upset about something. I’m glad she’s learning how to communicate!

“But that’s not what I WANTED!!!”

Her “chewer” status remains current and up-to-date.

“Hmm, could I get my mouth on this?”
“This is a start…but I bet I could get more in mouth if I just turned it a little….”
“There we go…that’s better!”


And if she’s not chewing on it, she’s wearing it.

She LOVES hats!
“I don’t think Elliott will mind if I borrow this for a little while…”



She is the most determined baby I have ever known…she will face ANY obstacle…she LOVES to climb, and she will not back down.

She is SO into the Bumbo this month because it’s a new obstacle to climb. She climbs in and out of it, and pushes it against things so that she has a step up to climb. I found her on the couch the other day because she had used the Bumbo as a step to get up there!
She climbs up onto this train…
…and rides it all day long…

Her Favorites

Her favorite inside places to be are on the couch and beneath tables…especially if Elliott is in either of those two spots. When she finishes dinner before him, she immediately crawls to his chair and laughs and giggles at him while he finishes eating.

“Hey, Elliott…throw me some scraps, will you?”
And then they cuddle.

“Get me OUT of here!”

She must have my sense of adventure because she still has a total obsession with the back door, the front door, and the door to the garage. Anything that lets her OUT makes her very, very happy.

“Selah, if you would just learn to walk, Mommy would let you outside to play more often!”


We ventured to the Butterfly Pavilion so Selah and Elliott could get an up-close look at the beautiful creatures. Elliott HATED the butterflies (“No like butterflies, Mommy!”) and Selah slept through most of our experience. But, she eventually woke up and a butterfly landed on me as I was holding her! Brian got a picture for Selah’s good friend Olivia who loves butterflies! She just moved to England.

This one’s for YOU, Olivia!! I hope you’re more excited about the butterfly than Selah was in this moment…haha! P.S. I know it doesn’t LOOK like a butterfly, but I promise it is!! 🙂
La familia


She does THIS all the time…therefore melting my heart ALL DAY LONG. She crawls up to us, stares up with those huge blue eyes, bats those mile-long lashes and says…


Bet that makes you want to come pick her up yourself, doesn’t it? Well we had three special visitors this month who thought the same…

Grandma & Grandpa!


“Now, Grandpa, I really think that I-90 is going to be your best bet for the drive home.”
And one week later, “Aunt Anage” came to visit!!

Standing Firm

She has been standing for a few seconds at a time for a couple of months, but this month she gained total control. She can stand as long as she wants to.

There she was, just a walkin’ down the street!

“Look, Mom! One hand!”
Singin’ “Do-Wah-Diddy, Diddy-Dum, Diddy-Do!”

Our Delightful Bean

Some other fun milestones from the month are that she grew two more teeth for a total of eight, she started DANCING by moving her arms from side to side out in front of her any time she hears music or someone is singing, and she learned how to go down the stairs feet first!

And she remains the sweetest…
…most beautiful…
…baby girl in the existence of all the earth :).

Happy 11 month  birthday, our sweet Selah B!!



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  1. Oh, Susanne, what slice of heaven! Selah is just so sweet looking and a breath of fresh air (like her Mom!) And Elliott is getting so TALL and looks like an awesome big brother….you are blessed.

    Aunt P xoxo

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