New Mercies Monday

A hot chocolate date with the kids!

When I shut down my facebook account over a year ago now, I made a mental note to blog more often. And well, that didn’t really happen :). My zeal for writing and recording in this virtual scrapbook here has somewhat windled down to birthdays and holidays. Most of that, quite honestly, is that I’m… Continue reading New Mercies Monday

The Lord is GOOD to me!

Our lil' fam

The first week that life returned to “normal” after we lost the baby, I was a total and complete disaster (to put it bluntly!). It was SO HARD to go back to “normal,” when nothing was normal! Everything was different. I buried my face in the Word and tried to fill every moment I could… Continue reading The Lord is GOOD to me!

SeaWorld, Canines, and Proverbs 29:17

Elliott, taking great delight in this incredibly sweet, well-trained pup.

We had probably seen “Pets Rule!,” a captivating, delightful, and highly-entertaining show at SeaWorld at least a dozen times. Elliott has always been quite taken by dogs and animals of all sorts, and this show was FULL of them—dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, you-name-its–all moving to the beat of the music while performing incredible stunts. Perfectly trained… Continue reading SeaWorld, Canines, and Proverbs 29:17

More DA MORE!!!

Mother's Day

Elliott’s very first real word was, “more.” He had been saying “Mama” and “Dada,” but “more” was the first word that he used in context and consistently. And other than, “Uh-oh,” it is still his favorite word. When he’s especially passionate, he doesn’t just say, “more,” he yells, “More DA MORE!!!” He uses it all the time,… Continue reading More DA MORE!!!

So grateful.

Today is one of those days, where I wake up and am flooded with gratitude from the moment my day begins. Not because life is easy right now. Not because we have everything figured out. Not because I slept well. Not because I’m comfortable. But because God is good. So, so good. I am overwhelmed… Continue reading So grateful.