A Gecko Ballad

A Gecko Ballad written by Helen Capron Mauss Friendly gecko on the ceiling, Thanks for eating household bugs. I hope you’ll bear the special feeling My Daughter gives you in her hugs. She didn’t mean to hurt your body Or change your own God-given shape; She’s sorry that she scared your tail off And tried… Continue reading A Gecko Ballad

Faith Like a Gecko-Loving Child

Brian has been working in L.A. today (what does “L.A.” stand for, you ask? …a Long way Away!!!!) so he won’t be back till late tonight. After putting Elliott down, I decided to take advantage of every minute I had to be ultra productive–so I showered, got the kitchen all cleaned up and the dishes… Continue reading Faith Like a Gecko-Loving Child

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DTS Graduation

Well, it’s official, folks. We’ve graduated. After a wonderful outreach in San Pedro, Dominican Republic, 3 months of having the privilege of hearing some amazing speakers from around the world during our lecture phase of DTS, all to be finished off with our graduation, we are O-F-F-I-C-I-A-L-L-Y YWAMERS! Brian found out about 2 hours before graduation time… Continue reading DTS Graduation

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Tacoma Time

Thanks to Alaska Airlines and some saved up miles, we were able to take a little trip to T-town in May to 1. sell some steel in order to get some how-do-you-call-it? Ahh, DINERO. 2. Celebrate Brian’s dad’s 65th birthday! 3. Celebrate my 30th birthday with dear friends and 4. Of course, see family! Here… Continue reading Tacoma Time

My 30th + Friendsick

Mmm...these touched the depth of this pregnant lady's heart!!

Today I am friendsick. Longing to sit and be with my dearest friends…longing to hear their hearts and share mine…longing to hold the babies of some and longing to hold the hands of others as they wait on God for promises. God has given me the most phenomenal friends on the planet…I will boldly proclaim… Continue reading My 30th + Friendsick


This is what happens when you play peek-a-boo during lunch!!

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