A Gecko Ballad

A Gecko Ballad

written by Helen Capron Mauss

Friendly gecko on the ceiling,
Thanks for eating household bugs.
I hope you’ll bear the special feeling
My Daughter gives you in her hugs.

She didn’t mean to hurt your body
Or change your own God-given shape;
She’s sorry that she scared your tail off
And tried to fix it with scotch tape.

I’ll try to keep her off your body
If you’ll scamper faster ‘round the frame,
Gobble up your share of insects,
And let us hear you chirp your name.

And if you’ll stay out of the toaster,
Off the shelves, and off the floors,
I’ll try to see you’re not untimely
Squished between the closing doors.

Good luck, my household gecko,
May your life be long and fat.
You’ve been our home companion…
Now get out of my hat!!!

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