First Days of School!

I have a vivid memory of holding Elliott as a brand-spankin’-new newborn and thinking, “I AM NEVER SENDING MY BABY TO KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT KIND OF CRAZY PEOPLE SEND THEIR BABIES TO SCHOOL???!!!!!!” But alas…the day has come, and I am now that crazy person :). Honestly, I had no tears or sadness surrounding Elliott’s first day…I… Continue reading First Days of School!

SeaWorld, Canines, and Proverbs 29:17

Elliott, taking great delight in this incredibly sweet, well-trained pup.

We had probably seen “Pets Rule!,” a captivating, delightful, and highly-entertaining show at SeaWorld at least a dozen times. Elliott has always been quite taken by dogs and animals of all sorts, and this show was FULL of them—dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, you-name-its–all moving to the beat of the music while performing incredible stunts. Perfectly trained… Continue reading SeaWorld, Canines, and Proverbs 29:17


*This post is part of a series on Victorious Parenting. Click on the label to the right to read all posts in this series.* I am determined to know my daughter’s heart. Selah is more complicated than Elliott. And unfortunately, we tend to view the characteristic, “complicated” as a criticism. But it’s not a criticism,… Continue reading Determined.

A Gecko Ballad

A Gecko Ballad written by Helen Capron Mauss Friendly gecko on the ceiling, Thanks for eating household bugs. I hope you’ll bear the special feeling My Daughter gives you in her hugs. She didn’t mean to hurt your body Or change your own God-given shape; She’s sorry that she scared your tail off And tried… Continue reading A Gecko Ballad

It’s the little things

It’s the little things about Elliott that take my breath away…it’s the little things that I love. That’s such a cliche term, I almost hate to write it. But that’s all I could think about all day long…Those few words, running through my head all day. It’s the little things about Elliott that I simply… Continue reading It’s the little things