DTS Graduation

Sly guy...

Well, it’s official, folks. We’ve graduated.

After a wonderful outreach in San Pedro, Dominican Republic, 3 months of having theĀ privilegeĀ of hearing some amazing speakers from around the world during our lecture phase of DTS, all to be finished off with our graduation, we are O-F-F-I-C-I-A-L-L-Y YWAMERS!

Brian found out about 2 hours before graduation time that the other 3 guys had rented tuxes for the ceremony. I was still trying to convince Brian to wear khakis instead of jeans…but a tux?! Well, he was a good sport and pulled out the tux that he happens to have hanging in his closet from High School (we are certainly two peas in a pod, aren’t we?). Brian’s Aunt Bev and Uncle Roy had gotten Elliott this little suit months back, and although it was a 2T, we made it fit :). He only has one pair of shoes, so we also had to make-do with his little aqua shoes :/.

Seriously, how cute is he??

The graduation was held exactly over Elliott’s second nap, so he was a little…well, not in the mood to cooperate with photos :). But I was intent on capturing at least one with Elliott and his handsome daddy…here are a few candids that I think are cute :).

So handsome!!
Like father, like son
Sly guy...
JOY (or utter exhaustion...one or the other!)
RAYEL!! Rayel has become like family to us and is officially coming back in the Fall to do a bible school here! We are sooo thrilled!!!!
Our DTS Classmates and Staff!
Rayel, Me, Chrystal, Malene & Angela! LOVE these ladies!!! Chrystal is hoping to a bible school in Montana in the Fall (I'm going to miss her so much!!), and I won't lie...I'm VERY MUCH hoping that Malene and Angela end up back here like Rayel :).
Nuestra Familia


  1. What a lovely family you are! And soon to be four…how exciting (altho one certainly cannot tell by the above photo, Susanne – you’re looking rather slim, I think)
    Always in our thoughts….
    Love, love,
    Aunt P.xoxo

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