August Madness Part 1

We had a crazy August.

It may not have been so bad had I not been in the height of sickness, but you throw throwing-up multiple times a day into the mix of ANYTHING and it becomes crazy.


Two of my best friends got married in August to two incredible men!! Yay!! I thought I was a big fan of marriage BEFORE, but now that I’m married I am–I think–the BIGGEST fan! I couldn’t be more grateful that two more of my friends get to step into the bliss of marriage. (Just a few more of my single friends to go! And I’m praying!!)

The Dorseys! Chrisy & John
August 6, 2010

The Mobergs & The Dorseys!

“The Shivering Butterfly”

Chrisy & John’s wedding was BEAUTIFUL…I wish I had more pictures to show it off! They got married right on the water in a neighbor’s backyard. Beautiful. And COLD. It was chilly when the sun was out, but when it set–wowzers. They released butterflies right after they were pronounced “Mr. & Mrs.,” but it was so cold they wouldn’t fly! They landed in her flower girls’ hair because it was the closest thing they could land on! Well, one of them chose my bouquet as its landing pad, and I couldn’t have been more delighted. This little buddy spent the entire evening with me, just shivering on my bouquet.

After the wedding was over, Brian & I transported all the gifts back to Chrisy’s parents’ home. My shivering butterfly and I gratefully climbed into our Suburban with heated seats and the warm air blowing. I put the bouquet down on the center console. We drove to the house, unloaded the gifts, and when I got back in, I gasped! My shivering butterfly was gone!! GONE!! I figured he must have warmed up, had the courage to fly, and forgot all about the love and care I had given him over the few short first hours of his life. And out he flew. I was so sad as memories came flooding back into my mind of when my very first bird flew the coup. Suddenly, I was 13 all over again, and Kristy, my cockatiel was out there somewhere, in the middle of the cold winter’s night…

Well, I was so nauseous and tired at that point that I forgot about The Shivering Butterfly pretty quickly actually. And that’s the story of the Dorsey wedding.

The Basses! Melisa & Troy
August 29, 2010

Melisa was my Maid of Honor, and there was no greater joy or honor than to stand beside her as a Matron of Honor on her wedding day. Melisa is one of the most vibrant, exciting, fun people that I have ever met. She’s brought a lot of pizazz into my life!! Her wedding was nothing short of a beautiful, extravagant display of these qualities about her that I just adore. Have YOU ever seen a wedding with 7 different wedding colors??!! Well, you’re about to.

The Matrons & Sister of Honor!

Look at this wedding party! GORGEOUS! We held parasols instead of bouquets, which was so fun!

Mr. & Mrs. Troy Bass!!

Little bump!

Baby Moby has now officially been in two weddings!! And he (or she!) is only 12 weeks old!!

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