“The Baby Moby Story”

So there we were at church on a Wednesday night, and my pastor came up to me and said, “Are you pregnant?” 

“No!” I quickly responded.

Without hesitation, he asked again. “Are you SURE?”

At which point, I paused, did some quick thinking and calculations and replied, “No….”

And he just shrugged his shoulders with a little smirk and left it at that.  

Now, a little background: As many of you probably know, Brian and I have each been ready to have kids for years. We considered trying as soon as we got married, but both felt like it was of utmost importance to have a solid first year under our belts before throwing a baby into the Moberg mix! Since neither of us were (really) working for the first 4 months of our marriage, we have been INCREDIBLY blessed to have spent A LOT of time together over this last year. We spent most of every waking & sleeping moment together those first 4 months, which, considering most couples have to work all day and don’t see each other till around 5 or 6 every evening, we figured our first 4 months should count as an entire year!! 🙂

Anyhow, we’re definitely not saying that our marriage is perfect or that we’ve solved every problem in our first year so we shouldn’t have anymore the rest of our lives…BUT we do feel like we have gotten an incredible amount of “together” time, and we were for sure ready to start building our family. 

So–back to Wednesday night church–I told Brian what our pastor had said and we both just laughed, knowing it was highly unlikely that I was pregnant. And some point that night someone making announcements said, “Raise your hand if you’re a parent in here.” And Brian and I just looked at each other and giggled and dreamed…

Well, there was for sure a bug in my ear, and so I began to watch my body (and the calendar) like a hawk. A week and a half later when I was late, we couldn’t even believe it…

So, the thing is, we HAD stopped being “careful,” but apparently about one minute later we were pregnant. (I guess I got the “Fertile Mertile” gene from my mom…thanks, Mom!!) We were ABSOLUTELY not expecting it to happen so quickly. When we took the pregnancy test and saw the two pink lines I just kept saying, “But how did this happen? Is this really REAL?!?!”

We’re parents!!!
Two pink lines!!!

Look at this photo of my mom when she was pregnant with me! She is so little with just a big bump! I hope I look this good when I’m 9 months pregnant!!

This is me, attempting to figure out how I’ll look when at 9 months pregnant… I think I look just like my mom! 🙂

So our pastor intuitively knew before either of us did… Later, when we told him, he just laughed and said, “I knew it! You just had this glow about you!” And I didn’t even know I was glowing!! 🙂

We kept it to ourselves for a couple weeks until we could get in to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy. At the end of my 5th week it was confirmed, and I was beginning to feel nauseous, so it was feeling a bit more real. The first day of Week 6 I began throwing up, and at the beginning of Week 7 we had an ultrasound that showed us our little baby and his/her heartbeat. Oh, what a miracle. Truly the hand of God… 

There was a real, live baby growing in my tummy, we had a picture to prove it, and we were finally ready to tell people :). You all found out shortly thereafter…

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  • Mariah Neighbors
    October 5, 2010 - 19:43pm

    Wow! What an awesome story!!! Actually, there are elements that are similar to our own story of becoming parents for the first time- exactly one year from our wedding date, getting pregnant the very first month of "not being too careful", and especially being so absolutely amazed at the life growing inside of me. It truly is miraculous! Congrats!!!

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