Selah turns 11

Selah’s birthday landed on a Sunday this year, which, in my kids’ eyes, always makes life extra special. When special events fall on a Sunday, that means we get to celebrate with our church family! Our church is quite small–we have around 120 each Sunday–and so it truly feels like family. And in this small… Continue reading Selah turns 11

Jaxon Drago

September 23, 2023 brought a mourning into our lives that will stay with us all, in some form, until our last days. At times, the grief has felt almost too much to bear. We loved you so much, Jaxon. Jaxon was always making us laugh, and the last time we saw him was no different.… Continue reading Jaxon Drago

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Father Goose

Water has been a fairly constant presence in our marriage, from living in our first home together on Waterview and then moving to the Dominican Republic and Mexico, where we were within walking distance and/or sight of water. Now even living in land-locked Colorado, God somehow managed to gift us with this amazing piece of… Continue reading Father Goose