Jaxon Drago

September 23, 2023 brought a mourning into our lives that will stay with us all, in some form, until our last days. At times, the grief has felt almost too much to bear. We loved you so much, Jaxon.

[above] all the cousins together on our property; [below] our last family photo
the last photo we took with Jaxon and the last time we saw him, celebrating his birthday

Jaxon was always making us laugh, and the last time we saw him was no different. Only Jaxon could read sentimental Hallmark birthday cards in such a theatrical way that had us all in stitches. He gave the best bear bugs, always had a pun on his tongue, and his wit brought a light-heartedness that juxtaposed his large frame. I am so glad we got to enjoy one of his band concerts recently. The cousin group will miss his hilarious contributions to the shows they put on together each year. From now on, family get-togethers will always have a void. Our lives will never be the same without him.

Goodbye, Jaxon. We will always love you.


  1. Thank you for posting these pictures. They bring back so many memories. They also brought tears.

    Love, Mom†

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