2:22 on 2/2/22

We are having a lovely snow day today. Very, very thankful for the moisture God is providing for us! In fact, our little lake is even slowly beginning to fill back up! Three cheers for snow!! It started off as an ordinary snow day…the kids made waffles and then went outside to make maple syrup… Continue reading 2:22 on 2/2/22

2021 Last Day of School

Oh, happy summer!!! There is such a great feeling that comes from working really, really hard and then taking a BREAK! We all worked really hard this past year and it has been such a delight to RELAX the past couple of weeks. I love our summer-time learning…very different than during the school year. So far Elliott is learning… Continue reading 2021 Last Day of School

Last Days of School

(Note: I have had this post 99% done for a month and then…#LIFE. So without further ado*… now that school’s basically about to start again…I present to you…the kids’ last days of school!) (* Did you know that is how “ado” is spelled???? I typed it “adieu” (because, duh) but decided to google it to save my… Continue reading Last Days of School

First Days of School!

I have a vivid memory of holding Elliott as a brand-spankin’-new newborn and thinking, “I AM NEVER SENDING MY BABY TO KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT KIND OF CRAZY PEOPLE SEND THEIR BABIES TO SCHOOL???!!!!!!” But alas…the day has come, and I am now that crazy person :). Honestly, I had no tears or sadness surrounding Elliott’s first day…I… Continue reading First Days of School!