2020 First Day of School

2020, a year that won’t be forgotten any time soon. And, like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going and going and going and…..

And so, it has gone on into another school year here with us. To tell you the truth, this is actually the best school year we have had yet. For that, I am exceedingly thankful and grateful to our gracious God!! I haven’t found myself saying that about very many things this year!!

This is our second year with our classical Christian community and so we are settling into a great routine. We also pulled back and have 4 home days this year instead of just 3 which has been GLOR-I-OUS. We finally have some breathing room and I’m very thankful for that. Our learning already has been so rich and fun and we are having a blast. We are very thankful thatĀ our very smallĀ one-day-a-week school has some liberty in making Covid decisions. Most of their day is usually held outside and they are obviously taking extra hand-washing precautions and things of the sort.

First order of business on the first day of school was their grade level bacon breakfast. Because, bacon. Apparently this is becoming a tradition.

I finally got smart and had the kids fill out all their own stats along with their self-portrait on the SAME PAGE…took me 5 years but I finally thought of it!!


And, the goofy pic. This picture on the right just cracks me up. Selah wanted to pretend like the stick was a piece of chalk and then she wanted to point to the chalkboard like a teacher would. Elliott, however, looks terrified. Perhaps he thought it was more like a hostage situation?!!???


Well happy 2020 school year to all and to all a good year!!

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  1. Your cherubs are growing up fast! So glad you are making the most of every possible moment. There’s nothing like experiencing special family memories that last a lifetime! Love & God Bless to all…
    A.Adele & U.Serge xxxooo

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