August Madness Part 2

As if growing a baby, throwing up multiple times a day and being in two weddings weren’t enough challenges for the month of August, we decided to go Mazatlan.

As many of you know, other than spiders & heights, I’m not scared of too many things. Especially international travel. Let me remind you that I ventured to Mexico by myself at age 17, barely speaking the language, and having no clue what I was doing. But I was I scared? Not really.

But I was scared to death of flying to Mazatlan at 10 weeks pregnant. Because all I did every day, all day long, was throw up. Throw the idea of a very early morning flight, a plane, and the country of MEXICO into the mix, and I am shaking in my boots.

The journey to Mazatlan was one I’ll never forget. If you’d like to read about my recount of the trip to Mexico, click here:

If you have a weak stomach yourself, I wouldn’t read it… If you need a good laugh, I would. 🙂 The very short, much less entertaining version is this: I threw up all the way to Mexico.

Somehow I had managed to have every friend, family member, and stranger that I ran into before I trip praying for me, and…it worked. I was trying a new combo of vitamin B & anti-nausea meds while there, and during the 4 full days we were in Mexico, I only threw up once. That’s miraculous. So I figured I’d hit the jackpot in the perfect meds combo! That is, until I got home, did the EXACT same thing, and still threw up multiple times a day. It was then that I realized that God must have had His strong hand upon me and all of my fear during our Mexico stay.

However, once I returned HOME, I got incredibly sick (which was kicked-off by my first restaurant throw-up), incredibly de-hydrated, and ended up in the hospital overnight. Another first for me. So Brian and I had a sleepover at St. Joe’s, which is where we are planning on delivering the baby. It was altogether a great experience, and we were both actually really thankful for it. I learned a lot about ways to keep hydrated, my body, and signs to look for when I’m heading down the wrong path. Apparently seeing stars is not a normal symptom of pregnancy…who knew?

I’m sure you’re wondering, why on earth did we plan a trip to Mexico in my first trimester?? Well, Brian has been listening to a guy named Lance Wallnau, who is a Christian Business guy (that’s how I describe him…not sure what his official title is…). Brian has been incredibly motivated by his message and has just loved all of his teachings. His basic premise is, if, as believers, we are to be advancing the Kingdom of God, then we can’t ALL be solely working in the church. He points out “7 Mountains” of the world–Religion (the Church), Business, Government, Arts & Entertainment, Media, Education, and Family. Each of these “mountains” needs Christians within them–we can’t all flock to the church, thinking that’s the only way to do ministry. He basically says, “Take your passions, whether they be for the church or for politics, and use them for the glory of God!” Anyhow, it’s a really powerful message and he’s a fantastic speaker. He reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld. 🙂 So, Brian and I both felt this would be a strategic conference to attend, knowing that Brian likely wouldn’t be doing construction forever. He doesn’t want to work just to work…he wants to be advancing the Kingdom of God within the realm of the passions and the gifts that God has given him.

So, all in all, the conference was really great. Brian got several personal touches with Lance and left the trip really encouraged and motivated. I was glad to be there with Brian, but honestly quite distracted as the morning sessions were the meat of each day, and mornings and I do not mix in this season. So although I didn’t throw up, I was so nauseaus that that was mostly all I could think about. I would sit there and imagine my exit route in case the vomit began to creep its way up my throat. But I really loved the evening sessions!! 🙂

I’m so glad we went. And I hope I never have to go to Mexico when I’m 10 weeks pregnant ever again.

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