Selah B, 2 months

I’m not sure how we ended up with the two most wonderful children in the world, but I’m certainly not complaining!!!!

Selah is such a doll…ahhh, it’s so hard for me to communicate the fullness of her wonderfulness in words. I take so many pictures of her every day, just somehow trying to record how much I love her, how beautiful she is, how she makes me feel in those moments that she smiles at me from the depths of her soul…I find myself wishing someone could follow us around all day…videoing and photographing every precious moment with our baby girl.

She is a CHATTER. Oh my word, this princess LOVES TO CHAT (she must get that from her Daddy, right?…HA!) And so, of course, we’ve started what I believe will be a lifelong habit…our mommy-daughter chats! Oh, they are my FAVORITE moments of the day…chatting away with my daughter. I love her voice.



Every since I heard Selah’s very first few cries, I have said, “I love her cry!!” It is just adorable…she lets out a cry, and ends it with a big gulp of air that comes out like a squeak. It is so stinking cute. And this month she has started talking…she “coos” and she “ahhs” at us and her voice is so heavenly. Whether it’s crying or chatting, I just love her voice. I believe she is going to have a voice on this earth…a voice declaring the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord. A voice that brings peace. A voice that brings calm. A voice that transforms hearts through the love of Christ. Oh, sweet Selah…may your voice be loud, and never quenched!

Well, back to the fact that my baby is TWO MONTHS OLD!!!

Words that describe my baby in the last month? Radiant smiler, sweet chatterbox, tummy-time player, bumbo masterconqueror of the 45 minute intruder (well, most days…). Oh yes, and rejector of the bottle.

Selah won’t take a bottle. We tried for the first time when she was a couple of weeks old and I had to go to San Diego for an appointment and couldn’t bring her with me. Brian barely got an ounce or so in her through *lots* of tears. We didn’t really think to try again until she was about 6 weeks old, and wow…I think we were about 6 weeks too late. We tried really hard for a few days to do one feeding a day with the bottle, but goodness gracious… baby girl is NOT a fan. We’re going to try again once we’re not so focused on sleep training… It honestly just never occurred to me to “train” her to take a bottle because Elliott always took a bottle so well. But we also HAD to give him a bottle at 3 days old because we had to make sure he was getting enough milk. So he had plenty of practice right from the start… But, I will be honest, it is slightly daunting thinking about not being able to leave Selah for longer than a few hours at a time for the ENTIRE NEXT YEAR… Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m eager to be away from my baby, but it is a value of our family to free me up every once in a while to be away from the kiddos for longer than 3 hours. Any-whoo………

Alright, without further adieu, here she is! Our beautiful, bright-eyed 2 month old Selah…!!

6 weeks old, and bundled up in a wrap on my chest.

Our smiling chatterbox. As SOON as Selah sees one of our faces, she lights up…this is us, smiling and chatting each other during one of our Mommy/Daughter chats…

Okay, is this a “Susanne face,” or WHAT?! Does anyone else see it, or is it just me??

Our beauty.

Selah’s first Thanksgiving!

Who would have thought that our first two children’s first two Thanksgivings would be in the Dominican Republic and Mexico?! Last year, Elliott’s first Thanksgiving, it was so hot in the D.R. that we all went swimming. This year, although it wasn’t quite hot enough to go swimming, it was certainly warm enough for Selah to wear a dress!

So happy to be celebrating her first Thanksgiving!!

Tummy time


Taking a little tummy time rest

“Wait a minute, why am I the only one who didn’t get a piece of pie??”

Waking up from a nice, long, Thanksgiving slumber…

“What is this large squishy blue thing under my bumble, Elliott?”

“You’ll get used to it, Selah. Here, do you want me to show you how it’s done like a pro?”


“Just like this! See, it’s not so bad…”

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for Thanksgiving!

I love this next picture…we were trying to take a family photo of the 4 of us, but Elliott refused unless Rayel was in it with us. What were we thinking?! Of course our Thanksgiving family photo would have to include Rayel as she is totally part of our family!!

Our little family 🙂

More bumbo shots…because aren’t they so cute?!

“Bet you can’t find my neck!”

“Peek-a-boo! HERE it is!!”

“Okay, but seriously…why am I the only one in this family who has to sit on a squishy blue chair?”

Play mat time!

At this age, Elliott loved the mirror at the top of this play mat. He would stare at it and smile and laugh! Selah is much more into the monkey than the mirror. She will stare at that monkey for long periods of time, smiling and cooing at him :).

The only thing better than play mat time is play mat time with Elliott!

I LOVE her sweet face…


Funny faces!

Pouty face!

I think Selah looks SO MUCH like her cousin Fable in this picture!!

Those lips!!

Her pooping face…

A content pout…

“It wasn’t me!”

Trying to show the monkey who’s boss…


1 Month Old

8 weeks old…and probably the closest pic we have that captures her REAL huge smile…I love this photo that I snapped on my phone!

Brian and I tried to get a “perfect” picture of her gorgeous smile, so we took a lot of pictures on her 1 month birthday. Although we didn’t get any great ones of her HUGE grin, I do think these pictures capture the beauty and delight of our baby girl very well…I couldn’t cut them down any more 🙂 so here are SEVERAL pictures of our sweet Selah…one month old!

Can you see how her smile radiates even through her eyes??


Happy, 1 month birthday, our sweet delight!! Your beauty overwhelms us, your voice captivates us, your smile touches us in the deepest places of our hearts…we ADORE you…!!!!!

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