Elliott’s First Haircut!

Thought Elliott’s locks were adorable, he was starting to look like a wild child. So we ventured into San Diego to make his very first hair cut a fun event. The coolest part was, Grandpa and Nonna arrived for a week long visit at the EXACT right time and got to be there!


“WOW! Mom and Dad told me that I was old enough to get my hair cut, but I thought I had to wait until I was 16 to drive a car!”

“Um, excuse me? Do you REALLY know what you’re doing?”

“Hmm…I’d better keep my eye on you, lady.”


“Okay, seriously…WHAT are you DOING??”

“Why don’t I just give you a few pointers.”

“See?! What did I tell you? Now you’re making progress! I’m looking good!”

“Dad, can YOU believe how good my hair is looking?!”

‘If you’re going to brush me off, do you HAVE to use a bright pink one?? You’re cramping my style!”


My handsome boys.

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