Happy Birth Day, Selah B!!

Happy Birthday, our sweet little love!!

We are simply OVERJOYED to introduce to you…!!!!


Happy Birthday, our sweet little love!!

Born on Monday, October 8, 2012

8 pounds, 3 ounces

20 1/4 inches long

Brown hair, blue eyes



You’re HERE!!!!! Oh, how we LOVE being your mom and dad!!!

Grandma & Grandpa Moberg did an incredible job of taking care of Elliott while we were bringing baby Selah into the world. We couldn’t wait for Elliott to meet his little sister! We had been preparing him for months…when we asked him where baby Selah was, he would point to my tummy. As soon as he walked into the hospital room, he got this huge smile on his face and pointed to her, saying, “Dee!!” (which is kind of his word for a lot of things…) 🙂

“WHOA…How did you get her out of your tummy??”
“Somebody walked all over her blanket and left these funny multi-colored footprints!!”
The Moberg family of FOUR!!!

Happy birth day, Selah B!!! We have been waiting for you for SO LONG…we are simply OVERJOYED that you are here…welcome to the world, our little baby love!!!

*(To read about how we chose her name and the meaning of it, click here!)


    What a sweet delight she is. And they will be such blessed siblings to each other! Love you so.

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