Jesus Loves Elliott

Elliott has a “Jesus Loves Me” book, which we read or sing to him almost every night. One day Brian was playing with Elliott and started singing the song. Elliott dropped his toys and immediately started looking for the book, and then found it! We decided to put it beneath another book and see if he could do it again. He did! So we pulled out the video camera and tried again, and sure enough…


We tried it again the next night, but made it a little trickier for him…we hid the book behind him beneath two other books…and here’s what happened:


He was exactly 8 months old in these videos. This is a testimony to how much babies actually DO know at a very young age!! Aren’t little ones amazing?! I have been inspired to a whole new degree to set high expectations for Elliott. Isn’t our God incredible in how he created little ones?! God wasn’t kidding when He said, “From the mouths of babes and infants He has ordained praise!”



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