Out of the mouths of toddlers…

Most days, Elliott completely overwhelms me. I honestly just marvel at the intricacies of how God made him…and live in a constant overflowing gratitude that God picked HIM to be our son…

He is so stinking smart. Brian and I can be having a conversation, in the other room, in our total “adult” language (fast, not tempered for kids, big words, vague…) and Elliott ALWAYS picks up on EVERY LITTLE THING WE SAY. He’s been like this for a long time, but in the last few weeks he’s picked up on such small nuances that I am just totally blown away. I could–literally–give you dozens of examples, but I’ll give you just one here, that was embedded into our day today:

So last week we FINALLY broke down and bought Elliott some pajamas. 98% of his pajamas have been hand-me-downs, and so they are really…umm…well loved. 🙂 They all have holes in the feet and are just too small. Elliott is extremely tall for his age and we are squeezing him into these well-loved, holey-footed 3T pajamas. It doesn’t help that he LOVES his footed jammies, is EXTREMELY particular about which set he wants to wear each day, and then he wants to wear that particular pair all day long.

“Mommy? Are ALL kids so tall that their toes poke through their jammies like this?”

ANYWAY, I finally ordered him a few new pairs, size 4T. So a few nights ago, I told him that as he pointed out the holes in the footie parts of his pajamas. I said, “Oh, guess what, Big Man?! I ordered you some new jammies without holes in the feet!” Well, I should have guessed, but then he wanted them “WIGHT NOW!” (which is his latest favorite phrase, ha!)

“New jammies, wight now!” he kept saying. So I explained (four times) that it would take a few days for them to get here and we would have to be patient.

SO, that brings us to today. We hadn’t talked about the new jammies in several days, but as I was changing his diaper I started thinking about them. I didn’t want to say anything to remind him of the new jammies on the way, so I carefully selected my words to Brian. “Hey, Babe, I wonder when my Carter’s order is going to come in?”

And. Elliott. Says.

“New jammies!! New jammies!!!!!!”

And I just stared at him with my jaw on the ground. Elliott has never been to Carter’s, nor do I shop their regularly–how could he have possibly known what I was talking about?!!!  “How on EARTH did you know I was talking about your new jammies???” I asked, incredulously.

“New jammmmmmmmies!!!!” he exclaimed with a big smile.

So I walked into the kitchen and asked Brian, “How on EARTH?!! Seriously, HOW ON EARTH could he have known that??”

Brian responds, “He must be omniscient!”

So a couple hours later, Elliott and I were playing with his little Fisher Price people. Elliott LOVES these ancient Fisher Price people and animals.

Playing with ancient people and animals in ancient pajamas…does life GET much better than this?


He pulled out the teacher and said, “Teacher, tractor!” and put the teacher in the tractor. So I said to him, “Hey, Buddy! Do you know that in lots of years, about 20 or so, you will get to choose to do a job that you want to do? A teacher is one job…what do you want to do when you grow up?”

Look closely…see the teacher driving the tractor?


“Jesus,” he calmly smiled in response.

Now, although he’s ALWAYS had a supernatural draw towards Jesus, and although I was 99% certain that he said, “Jesus,” I thought it was WAY too clever, cute, and awesome to be true. So I challenged him a bit.

“A teacher? You want to be a teacher?” (No pressure here…ha!)

“No…JESUS!” he said.

Our son wants to grow up to  be Jesus. So either that’s the most blasphemous thing anyone has ever said, or…he really IS omniscient. You can decide for yourselves :).

In the meantime, check out what our all-knowing 2 year-old learned to do a few days ago…just in time for the toddler spelling bee!! We finally caught it on video today :).



  • Danielle
    August 12, 2013 - 12:31pm

    What a handsome, smart and funny young man! Raegan is learning to read and my “what?!” moments like yours lately have been her correctly guessing our secret spelled out words within conversations. Kids are incredible sponges.

  • Suz
    August 12, 2013 - 13:02pm

    HAHA, this is perfect!!! Omniscient Elliott…it kinda rhymes! I love this. He loves Jesus, already. He is as special as you guys suspect, and a thousand times more.

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