This post is a little late, but since we’re STILL thankful, I figured it would be okay to post a post-Thanksgiving post :). (How many times and different ways can YOU use “post” in a sentence?)

We had a very unique Thanksgiving this year! The staff wanted to celebrate, despite the fact that we were in a country that doesn’t recognize the holiday. The only problem? No one knew how to cook a turkey. So the Mobergs, turkey extraordinaires, spoke up and volunteered to cook the turkey for the staff and the Dominican family of 5 who would be joining us.

We prepped the turkey and put it into the oven.

Brian, Elliott, and me preparing the turkey

Then we went for a swim!

…because what else do you do while the turkey is cooking?

My little turkey shark 🙂

And then we got ready to eat!

Carving the turkey!

We made the juicy turkey, bomb mashed potatoes, and boat loads of gravy. And–THANKFULLY–it all turned out quite deliciously!!

Our plates! Mmmm!!

And here we all are, sooo stuffed!!!

The Crew (Danny & Danae, we miss you!)

This was our…

…first Thanksgiving with our sweet baby Elliott!

…first Thanksgiving in a foreign country.

…first Thanksgiving where we went for a swim outside while the turkey cooked.

…first Thanksgiving where it was hot enough to wear a skirt to dinner.

…first Thanksgiving eating with a group of strangers who we now call friends!

Happy late Thanksgiving to you!

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  • Paula Alessi
    December 9, 2011 - 01:31am

    And a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Susanne, I never doubted that you’d rise to the occasion and make a delicious dinner! You all look fabulous and are in our prayers every day. Give Elliott hugs from us.
    Love, Aunt Paula xoxo

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