Elliott’s Birth Story

It was almost a year ago, on the day after Elliott was born, that I said I would post Elliott’s birth story “very soon”…does 52 weeks later count as “very soon”? Today my baby boy turned one. Unbelievable. And in honor of my sweet baby Elliott’s first birthday, I polished up his birth story to post… Continue reading Elliott’s Birth Story

Elliott’s First Christmas!

DISCLAIMER! I wrote this post the day after Christmas, and then was without internet to upload the photos! So, it’s late…but better late than never :). Enjoy! I remember last Christmas so vividly…not the presents, not the people, not the events…no, all of my thoughts were consumed with the idea that next Christmas we would have… Continue reading Elliott’s First Christmas!


This post is a little late, but since we’re STILL thankful, I figured it would be okay to post a post-Thanksgiving post :). (How many times and different ways can YOU use “post” in a sentence?) We had a very unique Thanksgiving this year! The staff wanted to celebrate, despite the fact that we were… Continue reading Thankful…still!

Do The Puyallup

The Puyallup Fair is so cool that its website is www.thefair.com. Now, come on…you don’t get much cooler than that.  Brian wanted to bring Elliott to his very first Puyallup Fair for one reason, and one reason alone… THE TRACTORS.  Elliott and I both learned about the two major tractor companies represented at the fair…John… Continue reading Do The Puyallup

Sweet Baby Elliott

Well, hello. 🙂 Elliott is now officially 3 weeks old (UM, where on earth did the last 3 weeks go?!?) and I have spent close to *no* time sitting at my computer. We spend our days giving kisses and squeezes to our sweet baby Elliott. If he were Native American, his name would totally be “Smothered… Continue reading Sweet Baby Elliott