Sweet Baby Elliott

Well, hello. 🙂

Elliott is now officially 3 weeks old (UM, where on earth did the last 3 weeks go?!?) and I have spent close to *no* time sitting at my computer. We spend our days giving kisses and squeezes to our sweet baby Elliott. If he were Native American, his name would totally be “Smothered in Kisses.” Needless to say, we have been basking in the glory of “Baby Land,” and the computer just seems so boring compared to our little peanut. But it’s time we share him with the rest of the world :).

Here are a few highlights from the last few weeks, and some things we LOVE about life these days…

*Brian is the most incredible father in the world. I love, love, love watching him be a dad…
*Nicknames abound…”Sweet Baby Elliott,” “Little Peanut,” “Handsome,” “Little E,” “Little Man,” “Blue Eyes,” “Stretchy Stretcherton”…and every name we have for one another has now affectionately been given to Elliott; those of you who are around us the most now have to put up with double the cheesy nicknames :).
*When he wakes up and stretches, it is the *cutest* thing in the entire world…He stretches his arms out like Superman and arches his back. Then he pulls his hands behind his head and gets a wrinkly forehead…it takes my breath away every time…
*He has the sweetest disposition, and really only cries when he’s hungry. And then he lets you know that he’s hungry! But his cry is so sweet…and mostly makes us smile every time. It’s the sweetest little “wah! wah!”
*He sleeps like a CHAMP…in fact, last night he went almost 6 hours! Freaked me out!! Holy cow!
*Brian sings to him all the time. I love it. He makes up songs to old tunes, new tunes, made-up tunes, any tune that comes to mind. He’ll sing to him about his diaper change or his eating or his getting dressed or just simply who he is…it is wonderful :).
*After Elliott’s finished eating and he’s satisfied, he almost always falls asleep. And this “falling asleep time” is the most precious thing I’ve ever witnessed…he starts breathing loudly and rhythmically, and then his face goes through a series of different “looks”…he’ll raise is eyebrows, then tighten his lips, then make an “o” with his lips, and then…smile. Ahhh, it is the sweetest thing in the whole world!
*Getting to be a mom to my baby… Not my students, not the inner-city kids that I love, not my friends’ or siblings’ kids whom I absolutely adore…but my baby. My son. I feel like I’ve waited my whole life for this, and just love how comfortably these shoes fit…I never want to take them off.
*I’ll be honest…losing 30 pounds in less than 3 weeks without a single workout was pretty cool :).
*I haven’t thrown up in 3 weeks!!! A record for the last 9 months!!!!
*EATING & DRINKING COFFEE. A humongous highlight for me!!!! I LOVE TO EAT!! And I LOVE that everything stays in my stomach when I do!!! Sometimes I’ll eat (even if I’m not hungry) just because I CAN, and sometimes I won’t eat (even if I AM hungry) just because I don’t HAVE to! I am in control of my stomach again! Hallelujah!!!

Sooo many of you have been requesting that we post pictures, and I’m finally getting around to attempt what seems like a very daunting task…

Despite our son’s rather short life so far, we have well over 1000 photos of him already… Yeah, do you see my quandary? How on earth am I supposed to pick just a few to post on our blog?! ALL of them are soooo adorable and wonderful that I don’t know how any of you could live without seeing every single one. So you see…it’s been quite overwhelming thinking about how to post “just a few”…
Maybe I’ll get better at this as time goes on, but really–we just think that every single second of his life is so precious and picture-worthy that we capture it. And then, of course, we want to SHARE it… So anyhow, here are my few attempts to post “a few” pics of life the last 3 weeks with our sweet, sweet baby boy.
Can’t believe I’m actually posting this picture of me…officially 10 days overdue, but it’s needed for a compare-contrast. 🙂 This is right before we checked into the hospital the day Elliott was born. 

This is Elliott back at his original birth weight…can you believe an 8lb 8 oz baby fit in my tummy??!! If not, see the photo above this one for proof :). 

Here are some of our favorites of Elliott, mostly in outfits given to us by friends. Thankfully we had some newborn-sized outfits given to us…I never dreamed that a Moberg baby could ever fit into newborn clothes!!

Auntie Melisa made us these shirts right after we found out we were pregnant! Despite Elliott’s face in both of these pictures, I know he really DOES “heart” his mom & dad… 🙂

First (mostly sponge) bath at home! Aunt Amber & Uncle Jeff got Elliott this AWESOME towel thing that goes over his body as he is being bathed to keep him warm. Never knew this product existed before, and now I can never live without it :). 

LOVE this face…he was so pensive the entire bath…I think he thought he was back in the womb again :).  He definitely loved the experience!

The McCabes and the Stewarts got Elliott these adorable outfits…definitely some of our favorites!

Proof that our little peanut is a smiler!! Isn’t this photo just angelic?! Absolutely heavenly… I promise we didn’t pose him like this…this is just how darn cute he is naturally.

Despite Elliott’s very concerned face, he LOVES this shirt! He wears it more than any of his other outfits :). (It’s definitely daddy’s favorite…)

And THIS is MY favorite…The sweatshirt is still a little big for him (hence, one arm is lost in sweatshirt oblivion), but the elephant hat fits PERFECTLY! I put this on him for the first time one morning, and just couldn’t stop laughing. I LOVE it, and it definitely makes me think of his Auntie Kari!! I would put him in the elephant hat every day if Brian would let me :).

Auntie Linda brought this adorable sleeper to the hospital when she came to visit us. I love it because I’m convinced he’s going to be a basketball player with how long his fingers are! I think he looks like a natural holding onto to that b-ball! 🙂

Auntie Keely got us several adorable little onesies…this is the only one we’ve been able to capture in a photo so far, and totally my favorite one…I’m sure you can figure out why :).

Here’s that super cute “stretch” that Elliott does that I was talking about before. A picture really doesn’t do it justice…I’m hoping we can get it on video soon!

The rest of these photos really speak for themselves…

Daddy’s little helper took his first trip to…

…the Home Depot!!

I know what you’re all thinking…those were cute, but you feel short-changed. Well, worry not, dear friends and family. It’s time for you to feel tall-changed. Brian, being the incredible electronically innovative man that he is, has discovered a way for you to view ALL of the photos we have ever taken of sweet baby Elliott!! Yes, that’s right…your dreams have really come true :). (Okay, okay…probably just the dreams of his grandparents…who may be the only ones who ever actually care to see the minute-by-minute progression of Elliott growing up…)

Just go to brianandsusanne.shutterfly.com. You’ll need the password, which is, creatively enough: Elliott. Don’t forget…two “ls”, two “ts”! Now, count yourselves a privileged few…it’s not everyday we share the password to all of our banking and email accounts with someone. So keep it on the D.L.

We’ll upload our entire memory card from time to time to this site, so keep in mind…with the exception of a few pics we filter out, you will be a getting a glimpse into the Moberg style of picture taking. We go for quantity, and hope for quality :).

Well! There you have it, folks! I have a few more postings brewing in my brain so I’ll try to get those up within the next few days…

Love and hugs to you all!!

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  1. Just LOVE getting to read all these precious new blog posts and these adorable pics!! It hit home when you were saying how overwhelming to sort through all the pics… I understand!! We are the same way 🙂 Takes me FOREVER!!! These photos of sweet baby Elliott are just amazing. I love hearing about how much you are cherishing being a mom to your very own baby now… it's just like nothing else in this world!! Love you Suzy-Q!! p.s. Also LOVED the announcement card you sent!

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