You know you’re a missionary in YWAM San Pedro when…

I wrote this for a newsletter for the YWAM base here and thought I’d share it! All of them apply to Brian and me except for the first one… Enjoy!

You know you’re a missionary in YWAM San Pedro when…

-you can say you’ve built 9 homes for 9 families who didn’t have one before you arrived.

-it’s a normal part of your week to bring love and the Word of God to a group of Haitian refugees.

-your cool-down at the end of a long, hard day is jumping into the glorious pool in your front yard.

-driving a vehicle on the local roadways no longer has clear, uniform rules…it’s more of a free-for-all sport.

-a long, wooden stick with a hook at the end doesn’t remind you of Captain Hook, but rather makes your mouth water for the delicious coconut it’s about to knock down.

-bug spray serves as your perfume or cologne.

-your room registers at 82 degrees Fahrenheit and you comment on how cool it is.

-the beautiful Caribbean Ocean is only a 10 minute walk away.

-you find yourself playing “Where’s Waldo” throughout the day with the chameleons that scamper about.

-you have learned the mastery of speaking in short sentences because everything you say has to be translated.

-the smile on a child’s face and the embrace of a warm hug is more-than-enough to transcend every language barrier.

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