Love at First Cross-Stitch

Though we know it was in the year 2000, neither Brian nor I remember the first time we met. I so wish I could remember…and often wonder if we will get to replay that meet cute in Heaven one day. But although I don’t remember meeting him, I have always remembered him as being my friend. And eventually he became my good friend. And I DO remember the moment those strange feelings started bubbling up inside of me when I was around him, and the time he finally asked me on a date, and the time he slipped a ring on my finger and asked me to be his wife. I became Mrs. Brian Moberg 12 years ago this month and, my goodness, now I can’t remember a time that I didn’t love him. Honestly, I think I have always loved him.

We have been sorting through lots of boxes this month and I came across my keepsakes box. I don’t know when it was opened last, but it was at least 3 houses ago. And I came across my cross-stitch birth stats and immediately texted Brian’s parents…because…LOOK.


It was love at first cross-stitch. {squeal}

Did you catch this poem that I wrote about how “God knew“? Yes, indeed, He knew. Now, I believe Raggedy Ann and Andy were actually SIBLINGS but still…their love ran deep :). What a sweet little wink from the Lord.


  1. Oh Susanne, what a wonderful discovery!!
    Meant to be for sure – Happy 12th Anniversary, Lovebirds, and many many more!!
    Love you all, A. Adele & U. Serge xxxooo

  2. I’ve been thinking and thinking this past week–I guess it was my mom who did the cross stitch, because I don’t think I was into it yet (and maybe didn’t have a whole lot of time with a new baby???). So I’m glad you have a memory from her, who you only met once.

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