The Kip!!!

I’ve needed to take a hiatus from this little blog of ours…so although there are a million things I could tell about in the last many months, I must make this news hop up onto our blogosphere today!

Selah has continued to love gymnastics and she is growing beautifully in the sport. Today, Brian and I BOTH got to be there to watch her, which is an extremely rare occurrence.

And all in one day she…

…did a lovely back-handspring on the trampoline (not her first time…she’s had that down for a few months, but here is a video of her doing it today)…




…landed a cartwheel on the “skinny” beam for the first time!




…accomplished a HUGE goal….HER KIP!!!! The kip is apparently the bees knees…the stepping stone to a whole new world of skills in the gymnastics realm…or, in layman’s terms, it’s very exciting once they get it :). She has been SOOOO CLOSE for months, and apparently all she needed was both her parents there, cheering her on….(along with all of the other gymnastics girls’ moms, of course!!)


Also, shout out to her awesome coach for truly being an amazing teacher!!

We asked her what she would like to do to celebrate and after thinking a minute, the biggest thing she could come up with to celebrate was…wait for it…GO TO KING SOOPERS (which is a local grocery store)! LOL!!! She really wanted to pick out a special snack! (Plus, King Soopers has a “kid basket” where kids can go pick out a piece of fruit to eat for free..and it’s her favorite!!) So…I said, “Well why don’t we take you to pick out a special snack AND how about we go out to dinner…your choice?” Her mouth got huge and she said, “REALLY?!! BOTH??!!!!” Aaahhhh, I love my girl!! I love my girl who is thrilled with the simple pleasures of life and who is overjoyed at the thought of food. 🙂

Congratulations, Sweet Bean. Your strength and perseverance and endurance and joy are truly inspiring. Way to go, sweet one.

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