Elliott’s first missing teeth!

It all started at the end of May, after several “false alarms.”

But this time, it was REALLY happening: Elliott’s bottom right tooth…WAS LOOSE!!!



And then on June 8th, Brian tucked Elliott into bed like normal. But no sooner had he left Elliott’s room than Elliott leaped out of bed and yelled, “MY TOOTH FELL OUT!!!!!”


These pictures tickle me so much!!! He is ELATED and can’t contain his excitement!! What a rite of passage!!! First lost tooth!!!!

And this little GIF that my phone created from the video after he lost it….oh man, I have watched this about 400 times!! It makes me laugh so hard!! Suz (my GIF buddy), this GIF is for you!!

So then last night I was out with some friends and came home late to find this…


A paper arrow path that led me from the kitchen into the craft room…and I found a decorated envelope addressed to me…with “new’s”! I opened it up and found a red card tucked inside that said…

His second tooth fell out while I was gone!! Who is this kid?!! He came up with that idea and executed it all on his own! I love him!!!

I tried to get a picture of his missing teeth just now. After a photo-bombĀ and a tickle from his little sister, we got some good ones :).


Well, happy first two missing teeth, Big Man!! The straw-sucking options are endless now!!!


  • Suz
    July 8, 2017 - 12:25pm

    1). Hurray for toothless wonders!!!!! Elliott, welcome to the world of pearly adult teeth. Your loss is our gain because this enthusiasm is invigorating and instrtive to all us geriatrics who have for gotten to thank God for our mouths full of biting and chomping power!!!!!

    2) how can a I get this gif on my phone so I can use it at every slightly applicable moment for the rest of my life??!????

    3). I love you all, you are the BEST!!!!!!

  • Colleen
    July 8, 2017 - 16:11pm

    That is amazing! Congrats big man! We

  • Aunt Adele
    July 8, 2017 - 17:27pm

    Congratulations to Elliott!!!
    How adorable is he!
    And we echo Suz’s comments above, LOL!

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