celebrating our won-dough-ful 3 year old!

My darling girl and her cupcakes with sprinkles!

It’s incredibly hard to believe that our baby girl turned THREE this year!! Here are the highlights from her birthday and birthday party… She went to gymnastics and then Grandma, Grandpa, Selah and I went to go pick out a cupcake from a bakery. For weeks I had been asking her what she wanted for… Continue reading celebrating our won-dough-ful 3 year old!

Selah is 3!

Our darling little girl is growing up so quickly before our eyes, and she brings an exceeding amount of joy into our home every day. Selah lives life as if it were a musical–and we adore it!! She literally sings her way through life…she sings throughout the day, sings herself to sleep,¬†and wakes up with… Continue reading Selah is 3!

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