celebrating our won-dough-ful 3 year old!

It’s incredibly hard to believe that our baby girl turned THREE this year!! Here are the highlights from her birthday and birthday party…

She woke up with a room full of purple balloons…

…and the first present to open of the day…a dress I personalized for her with the word, “three”!

She got dressed and went downstairs for her next surprise…a huge 3 in purple balloons!!

Grandma & Grandpa were in town, so we took Elliott to preschool together. Here she is outside of his preschool, in all of her birthday glory! She picked out this dress for her birthday and would have stayed in it day and night if I would have let her…

Then we stopped at our favorite coffee place for a birthday hot cocoa…and the barista put a candle in her whipped cream and everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to her!!

She went to gymnastics and then Grandma, Grandpa, Selah and I went to go pick out a cupcake from a bakery. For weeks I had been asking her what she wanted for her birthday, and her ONLY response was, “A cupcake.” I tried to tell her that I was already making cupcakes for her birthday party, but she could think of nothing else she wanted. The day before her birthday, she reminded me that she would like a cupcake for her birthday. I reminded her we would have one on her birthday party day a few days later. She looked at me as if I had not heard the 1 million times that she told me she wanted a cupcake for her birthday and almost burst into tears. So :). We decided to let her pick out a special cupcake for her actual birthday.

After naptime, she got to go into the basement and see her special gift picked out and put up by her Daddy…he added a SWING to her beloved birthday present from last year–the gym in our basement.

Needless to say, she LOVES it…(and her Grandpa, too!!)


We went to Red Robin for dinner (her choice) where, of course, they sang her Happy Birthday and she buried herself into me as she normally does when put on the spot!

But she definitely enjoyed her ice cream when the singing people went away :).


And then she had her long-awaited cupcake at home afterwards!!


Selah is our super tactile child. She LOVES playing in rice and sand and squishing play dough between her fingers. So we decided to party hard for her 3rd with play dough, her favorite friends, and her grandparents.

Our most wonderful Selah Bean is turning three!

She’s our silly, hilarious, playful one (as you know),

To you, her favorites, she asks: “Will you celebrate with me?!”

Join us for a party with games and PLAY DOUGH!!

We decorated our craft room with purple!

Made favors for our friends!

Personalized an apron for every kid!

Decorated cupcakes with sprinkles!

And waited patiently for our friends to arrive!


Our friends arrived and put on their aprons!

Here’s everyone ready to create with play dough!

Selah was overjoyed to have play dough in her hands and her favorite girlfriends by her side!

Happy birthday girl!

The first challenge was to create a cupcake that Selah would like to eat for her birthday.

Elliott’s cupcake creations!

Quinn’s delicious goodies!

Charlotte’s yummy looking cupcakes!

Selah’s dough-light-ful birthday cupcake!

Ava’s cupcakes definitely took the cake 🙂

The next challenge was to create a playdough version of Selah. Here’s what we got:

Pretty good!!

And Elliott’s playdough Selah is very creative!

The dearest friends!!!!

The kids played with play dough for a little while longer until it was time for cake!

My darling girl and her cupcakes with sprinkles!

Happy Birthday to you!

Selah and her Nonna, who usually always wears purple, to Selah’s delight!!

She opened some super fun and thoughtful presents from friends and family!

Happy Birthday, our dear Selah Bean!!!

If you’ve made it this far :), here are some extra special birthday bonuses…

Here she is in the “three” dress that I made for her…

And THIS is a picture of ME when I turned 3, alongside of Selah on her birthday. My mom made this sweet Care Bear for me for my third birthday, and here is Selah with it as well!!


Happy Birthday, our darling won-dough-ful Selah!!!


  • Lindsey
    January 4, 2016 - 12:52pm

    You’ve been on my mind a lot, Sus, and I had to come check out your blog! LOVE reading about you, Brian and the kids… just seeing your faces encourages me. Love to you, friend!

  • Priscilla
    February 3, 2016 - 08:52am

    Hello Moberg Family! Love the blog!! Love the picture of Selah and the cupcakes (: Yummy!! Hope you’ll are staying warm!! Thanks for all of your encouragements, and I’m definitely inspired here <3 Look forward to reading more! Love, Priscilla

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