Selah’s First Haircut!

We tried peek-a-boo....

I will be honest, I wasn’t sure this day would actually ever come…

Our sweet little girl has taken after her mother, who didn’t have hair for a very, very long time. I had put away her baby book, expecting to pull it out in a few years again to record her “first hair cut” moment…you know, when she actually would have some hair.

But then…a couple of months ago, Brian said to me, “Hey…do we need to do anything with Selah’s hair? It’s looking pretty…scraggly….”

“Of course we don’t,” I immediately answered. “It is growing out and we will not cut a single hair.”

Now, none of my (in-town) friends have little girls Selah’s age, and so–I’ll be honest–I don’t have much help when it comes to the areas that I’m not so “natural” at…and hair is one of those areas. Selah’s been going to a gymnastics class since September and is finally gaining some little girlfriends. One week, one of the moms was talking about how she had to cut her little girl’s hair many times in order to “get it to grow in fuller and faster.” I asked her what she meant by that, and another mom chimed in saying, “Oh, yes. My girls, too…you have to trim it to get it to grow.” I asked a couple other friends who have girls and everyone agreed–“you’ve got to trim it to get it to grow.”

Let me just say, I still don’t really think I believe it 🙂 but after I thought about it for a while, Selah’s hair totally started to drive me crazy, and I realized they were right–it needed to be cut. At least a bob would be more feminine than the “wild mullet look.” So…with bated breath I broke the news to Brian and we got her in as quickly as I could make an appointment.

Here are some BEFORE pictures:

“The Wild Mullet”
“The Wild Mullet” side and back
To be fair, I would pull it into a (tiny) little pony on the top of her head like this, and I do think she looks ADORABLE, wild mullet and all…

When I asked her if she would like to get her hair cut, she got SO excited and said, “Yeah!! I sit in the car like Elliott!!” We go to a kid’s place for Elliott that has toys and little cars for the boys (or girls!) to sit in. He’s long outgrown the cars, and in fact, I think she only saw him in one once, but that’s still what sticks out in her mind. So I was wondering if she would choose a car, but she was excited to sit in the big chair with the princess mirror….

What a BIG girl!
Princess Selah
She was super cooperative and did such a great job!
Here’s the full view of the “princess station.”
“Yes, enjoy this while it lasts, Selah, because I will probably not blow dry your hair again until you’re at least 16…”
“I think that’s just fine by me, Mom…this is weird.”
Brian walked over to see how it was going, and this is what she did. So proud to show her daddy her “new” hair!
Look at those cowgirl boots peeking out!

I couldn’t get a good “after” picture at the place because as SOON as the lady put her hair up and said she was all done, Selah JUMPED out of the chair so she could go play with the toys.

The police car is her favorite one…

Some AFTER pictures:

Oooohhhh, the difficulties of getting this girl to smile on demand! “Selah, please look just look at me REAL QUICKLY and smile!!”

My little girl in a jean dress…be still my beating heart.
Our little gymnast is just more comfortable on her head…
We tried peek-a-boo…
But, oops! Can’t see her hair! Ha!
There we go! 🙂
Much more tame…
…and still a cutie-patootie!!

Her hair is still too thin and short for a true bob, but hopefully now that it’s cut it will “grow in fuller and faster” like everyone keeps saying it will. I’ll believe it when I see it :). In the meantime, she’s perfectly adorable and we love her!!!!!

Daddy’s little girl
And Mommy’s little girl…
And Elliott’s little girl…haha :).



  1. You know, your grandmother was a hairdresser, and your mother would have gladly a) discussed this with you and b) cut her hair for free!! (Hope that doesn’t open too many wounds….) Love you. She is absolutely adorable. And even though I just saw EB a few days ago, I can’t get over how grown up he looks in that last picture!

    1. HAHA!! Thank you for the offer, Mom…maybe next time. Might as well start giving Selah some interesting life events so she can start writing her first book ;). Love you.

  2. Well, your mother beat me to it! All I could think of is that our mother would have had a ball with Selah’s haircut! She just loved her scissors, must have been the sound of the lobbing off of hair. Or maybe it was the resultant tears and sobs. At least that’s how it felt whenever I was in her “princess chair” (yeah, right, in my nightmares, LOL) We hope that Selah is always so willing a princess, she’s just adorable! There’s nothing like that first haircut!

    1. HAHAHA!! Oh, Aunt Adele, you have me laughing out loud!! The tears and sobs!! Yes, I have quite a few of my own similar memories, thanks to my dear mother :). Must be their love languages!! Hope we get to see you all before Elliott catches up to you! xo

  3. Very cute hair cut. After having three boys my mom was so excited when I came along and she had a little girl to use her hair dressing skills on ( she was a licensed beautician). She had no plans on cutting my hair and even with what little was there would put in curlers. My brother however thought I needed a hair cut and my mom fixed the damaged. After that I only had a trim once or twice a year until I was in high school. I didn’t go to a hair saloon till I was in my 20’s and that was only if I wasn’t planning a trip home to see my favorite hair dresser my mom. Far as a hair cut making hair grow its true and false. Its good to cut off damaged ends which will prevent snags and hair coming out which will help it to be thicker. But far as growing, that just comes with time and age.

  4. I had hair like that when I was little, too. It took forever for me to grow hair in the front. Haha. Augie inherited that from me. I’m thinking he needs a haircut, too… But I like the little curls in the back. They’re so sweet. And, sometimes, (don’t tell Adam) I hold it in a little pony, just to see. I mean, I never actually use any kind of bands to hold it, just my fingers. But, don’t tell Adam. 😉 I think Selah looks adorable with her mullet & without!

  5. I am not a believer in cutting it to help it grow, despite having heard the logic a million times. This is why Fable sported a wild mullet for years, and why Ember’s hair is getting out of control in places! But man, Selah’d hair looks adorable post-trim! What a cutie!!!

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