8 Weeks!

March 3, 2014: 8 weeks along I feel… -Grateful for new life. Grateful for the Lord’s mercy on me every day. -Up for the challenge. -Hopeful. -Aaaanndd…nauseous most all the time. 🙂 But not necessarily like I’m going to throw up all the time…only really when I’m eating and gag reflex is really bad. Or… Continue reading 8 Weeks!

SeaWorld, Canines, and Proverbs 29:17

Elliott, taking great delight in this incredibly sweet, well-trained pup.

We had probably seen “Pets Rule!,” a captivating, delightful, and highly-entertaining show at SeaWorld at least a dozen times. Elliott has always been quite taken by dogs and animals of all sorts, and this show was FULL of them—dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, you-name-its–all moving to the beat of the music while performing incredible stunts. Perfectly trained… Continue reading SeaWorld, Canines, and Proverbs 29:17