Selah B, 11 months girl in the existence of all the earth :).

It’s. Just. Gone. Wayyyyyy. Toooooo. Faaaaaaast…. Every day she grows more independent. Every day we see more of her personality budding. Every day she gets closer and closer to become ONE YEAR OLD. But she’s never been as close as THIS. How is it that my next blog post of her will be her TWELVE… Continue reading Selah B, 11 months

Selah’s Nursery!


I know it may seem silly to put a post up about my daughter’s nursery when she’s now almost a year old. But if you know me, then you know that I love details. Putting together my kids’ nurseries have been two of my favorite projects of all time, because it’s one way that I… Continue reading Selah’s Nursery!

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