Elliott’s Nursery!

I’ve really wanted to put up pictures of Elliott’s transportation-themed nursery, so here I am…finally doing so :).

Brian LOVED putting together the crib & changing table…perfect finds from his favorite store…COSTCO :). We were so blessed to find the EXACT style/color of furniture that we wanted at Costco at the exact time we needed it! Yahoo!!

As you may or may not remember from a post in March, my dear friend Amy Wallace and her mom made us these PERFECT, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL wall hangings and quilt. They are my favorite parts of his room…every day I just stare at them and marvel at Amy and her mom’s talent…! I’m so grateful!!!

My sweet sister-in-law Melanie made us a crib skirt out of one of the fabrics from the quilt. You can see it below. I love knowing such talented people :).

The infamous, Glory-of-God-in-a-rocking-chair is below…thanks again, Mom and Dad, for making it possible for me to have the best rocking chair on the planet!!! I love it, and think of you EVERY time I sit in it!!

One of the last projects I worked on before Elliott was born: 

A close up of the wall hangings

A cute little touch:

Melisa got us this little sign for our anniversary last year: “Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how big is really is…a beautiful little baby.” 

How true it is…our love has grown so much more in the last almost-4 months! Our love for each other has grown and our love for our little E.B. grows exponentially daily…what a gift he is. We do not take him for granted. We praise God for our little gift of love every day!

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