Auntie Danielle

My dear friend Danielle and her two beautiful girls were in town for a quick few hours today and she finally got to meet my Elliott. It’s bittersweet when God calls one of your best friends to move far, far away to pursue the call he has on her family…I couldn’t be more thrilled for every way the Boleys have come alive in the last several months and for the ways that they are pouring out their lives to help others know the Lord more and advance the Kingdom of God. But I have been quite aware of the void that there is in my heart not having Danielle–my friend who loves deeply–near, especially when sweet Elliott was born and she wasn’t able to come meet him when he was hours old. BUT…but :). It was amazing how quickly I forgot about how hard it has been to not have her in Tacoma as soon as she scooped him up in her arms today. Danielle has been loving little Elliott from afar these last few months, and it was like a floodgate of love poured out on him when he was in her arms. And although beautiful Raegan has continued to blossom even more vibrantly and sweet Anabelle has changed from a baby into a driven, determined little girl in the last 6 months, it feels like we haven’t skipped a beat.  
What joy to be with my friend today. What joy to have our kids under the same roof for a few hours. And, strangely–what joy to send her right back to Kona with a firm embrace, knowing she is right in the middle of God’s plan for her life. 
Love you so much, Danielle!!

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