Selah B, 7 months

The lashes!

Seven months old. Unbelievable. Infants are so easy, and then they have to go and cross the 6 month mark and get all complicated! ­čÖé Once they hit 6 months they start eating, they start crawling, they start becoming ANOTHER CHILD, rather than just a baby. One more mouth to feed during mealtimes, one more… Continue reading Selah B, 7 months

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Mmm, mmm…gooood???

"WHOA! Mama, I think you've made a big, BIG mistake!!"

I dread starting solids. Solids makes everything about infants WAY more complicated. You start solids and suddenly they’re applying for college. Not my favorite. ­čÖü I delayed as long as I could, but I could tell Selah was starting to need more to eat in a day. So, at about 6 and 1/2 months, we… Continue reading Mmm, mmm…gooood???

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More DA MORE!!!

Mother's Day

Elliott’s very first real word was, “more.” He had been saying “Mama” and “Dada,” but “more” was the first word that he used in context and consistently. And other than, “Uh-oh,” it is still his favorite word. When he’s┬áespecially┬ápassionate, he doesn’t just say, “more,” he yells, “More DA MORE!!!” He uses it all the time,… Continue reading More DA MORE!!!


*This post is part of a series on Victorious Parenting. Click on the label to the right to read all posts in this series.* I am determined to know my daughter’s heart. Selah is more complicated than Elliott. And unfortunately, we tend to view the characteristic, “complicated” as a criticism. But it’s not a criticism,… Continue reading Determined.