Mmm, mmm…gooood???

I dread starting solids. Solids makes everything about infants WAY more complicated. You start solids and suddenly they’re applying for college. Not my favorite. 🙁

I delayed as long as I could, but I could tell Selah was starting to need more to eat in a day. So, at about 6 and 1/2 months, we finally took the plunge. We decided to start with carrots…

“Ooh! That looks different…and quite yummy!”


“WHOA! Mama, I think you’ve made a big, BIG mistake!!”

“Bleh! That DOES NOT seem edible!”

“I mean, seriously! Should I spit this out? What’s going to happen if I swallow??!!”

“Let me get this out of mouth!”

“I think my tongue’s on fire.”

“I’ll eat this instead. Yes, this tastes MUCH better.”

“Whew! Well, glad THAT’S over…”




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