Selah B, 6 months

Selah B simply becomes more and more delightful every day of her life. With every “ba-ba” and “ma-ma”, we become even more so delighted and enamored with her…

Well, she did it. She hit the 6 month mark. This isn’t my favorite milestone month because it means, for the first time in her life, she’s more than halfway to turning ONE! How is my baby growing so fast??? 🙁 It’s also the month that I know that I must start solids, which is not my favorite either…(more on that in another post!)

You will all be happy to know that her napping has completely gone back to GOOD… hallelujah!! It must have been all of the consistency that’s marked our lives the past month. (ha!!!) Oh my…talk about a lesson in CONTROL… When my circumstances and environments became SO uncontrollable that all I could do was throw my hands in the air and say, “I give up trying to control this! Nap how you want to nap!” well, that’s when she started napping like an angel :). NOTE. TO. SELF.

What an adventurous month my little Selah had! Selah had many “firsts” this month…

Selah attended her first birthday party–her brother’s! It was “ball” themed, and so she wore the closest thing she had to fit in with the theme–a White Sox onesie from Grandpa & Nonna Mauss.

…and a bow, of course.

Still sportin’ the “chew-on-finger-constantly” look :).

Her first plane ride!

We flew from San Diego to SeaTac with Elliott, Grandma and Grandpa Moberg. Unfortunately, Daddy couldn’t be there for it 🙁 because he was driving our car all the way up! At least he got to pick us up at the airport :).

“Look, Mom! I am TOTALLY ready for my own seat! (As long as you hold me up, okay?)


Although she had been sitting on her own  last month, she truly perfected the art of sitting at about 5 3/4 months old. I finally put the sticker in the book then, because I realized I wasn’t afraid to leave her sitting by herself, whereas before I would only let her sit when I was within arm’s reach.

“As long as I have my finger in my mouth to help me keep my balance, this is cake!”

“…or do I prefer the giraffe in my mouth?”

“Aw, I’m just kidding, Mom! I can sit up all by myself without ANY help!”

Her first Easter!


SHE SUCCESSFULLY TOOK HER FIRST (THREE) BOTTLE(S)!!!! This was a big deal. I had the opportunity to go on a women’s retreat and so we knew we had to get this little love to take a bottle. My dear friend Kari gave me great advice–to leave for an entire day. I knew it would be the only way she would do it. So I left one morning before Selah woke up (sniff, sniff) and by her second feeding (once she realized she’d better drink from that bottle or be really hungry!) she did it. Whew! I missed my baby girl so much 🙁 but I knew it was the best. Brian sent me this picture to assure me that she was doing JUST FINE without me :).

I can tell she misses me terribly, can’t you? Poor thing.

And, she still loves…

Going on walks with Mommy!

…while wearing her owl hat.

Going to Sea World with Grandma and Grandpa Moberg!

Wearing one of her favorite hand-me-downs from the McCabe girls. Selah Bee Bee…it’s so fitting! 🙂

Matching Mama

Matching Mama again! (See my yellow flower earrings??)

Getting kisses while matching Mama!

…playing on her play mat, while filled with joy!

…snuggling with Daddy and Elliott!

And she LOVES her big brother….!

 You’re more than halfway to ONE, my baby girl! 


















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