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Dear, dear Friends,

I’m starting a series of blog posts centered around the theme of victorious parenting. I want to share a little bit of my heart, honestly exposed for you, my friends, about why and how all of this came about. So, I’m imagining I’m sitting at a cozy little coffee shop (like the kind with REALLY good coffee), drinking a decaf extra-hot caramel macchiato in a ceramic mug, sharing a bit about my heart to start writing about parenting.

I’ll be honest—it’s been difficult for me to start writing this series, and a big part of that was because I didn’t know that it was a series when I started writing it! I have several “posts” already written, some in word documents and some still rambling around in my head. I would much more prefer to have them all written out, ordered strategically, edited, re-edited, read, re-read…I would much more prefer to know exactly what the beginning, the middle, and the end looks like. But, in order to kick this nagging perfectionism that loves to torment me to the curb, I don’t. I am (mostly) taking this one post at a time, which frees me up to just be, instead of needing to be perfect.

Months and months ago, I was talking to a dear friend, recounting my passion for training children and raising them in the fear of the Lord. I told her I had part of a post written out but for some reason I just couldn’t get it finished. And she immediately said to me, “I bet that’s because it’s not one post—it’s probably more like 10!” And instantly as I thought about the many, many, many pages I already had written out on this topic (those of you who know me well, know I tend to be a bit long-winded, ha!), I realized that was true…so I took the pressure off of myself to get all of my thoughts written into one post, and suddenly I knew just where to start. And now, from time to time (usually post teeth brushing, where my greatest inspiration often occurs) I’ll share with Brian little blurbs about what’s on my heart. And after I’m through he’ll look at me and say, “Now, go write.” So my head is slowly but surely becoming less cluttered with all the things I want to write about, now that I know that I can take it in pieces. And those pieces don’t have to be perfect.

The bottom line is, I am writing because I am passionate. I am passionate about a lot of things, but I am very, very passionate about being a mom. Because I am very, very passionate about kids. At my 30th birthday party last year, my closest friends gathered around me and shared scriptures, quotes, or words about who I am. My dear friend Chrisy said, “I think of the word, ‘Eureka!’ when I think about you!!” She went on to describe how when I discover something that has flipped my world upside-down—whether it be a revelation from the Lord, chiropractic care, my uh-maaayyyy-zing mattress, Zumba, naturopathy, or those dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds that Costco sells around Christmastime—I want the world to know about it. Because if it’s changed my life, then I want it to change yours, too! And this is why I’m so excited to write about victorious parenting. I have found incredible joy and peace, and it is way more exciting to share it than to keep it to myself. I don’t in any way presume to have figured it out, nor do I believe that parenting fits into a “one size fits all” handbook. However, although all children and parents are unique, I do believe His truths are universal. Most everything that I write comes as I parent my sweet little Elliott and have massive revelations about boys, children in general, mothers, and fathers in light of Scripture. I believe that the Lord has given me a passion and many truths about parenting that I hope will encourage some, spur others on, and open conversation with the rest.

And so begins the blogging journey surrounding victorious parenting, starting  with this one: A Victorious Mother. There will probably be somewhere between 3 and 100 posts under this series, and who knows how often they will come. I am just taking it one post at a time, and seeing where it leads…

My friends, I hope you will join me!! Read, comment, contribute!! Let’s link arms, and run after truth together!!

With great love,



  1. Exciting! SO glad you have a man who encourages you to write! SO thankful you are a mom! And SO thankful you share what you are passionate about with your friends!

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