Elliott’s Birth Story

It was almost a year ago, on the day after¬†Elliott was born, that I said I would post Elliott’s birth story “very soon”…does 52 weeks later count as “very soon”? Today my baby boy turned one. Unbelievable. And in honor of my sweet baby Elliott’s first birthday, I polished up his birth story to post… Continue reading Elliott’s Birth Story

For the joy set before me…

"Baby Beta"...due October 1st (ish...)

We are overjoyed¬†to announce the newest addition to this Moberg family…I have the honor of growing another sweet little love in my womb!!! I have just crossed the 11 week mark in my pregnancy, and I’m not going to lie–the last 5 weeks have had their fair share of challenges. Nothing compared to my pregnancy… Continue reading For the joy set before me…

11 Months Old!

11 months…11 months…11 months… You know what comes next, don’t you? I can barely even type the words… THE. ONE. YEAR. MARK. Good grief! My baby is so BIG!!! Elliott continues to be a crawling, climbing, laughing, smiling, babbling bundle of contagious joy. He’s been working hard this month on feeding himself real food, repeating… Continue reading 11 Months Old!

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