Home is Where You Hang Your Mosquito Net

Estamos aqui, afuera de Santo Domingo, La Republica Dominicana!

For all you English speakers, I just said: Here we are, just outside of Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic!

This is the sign that welcomed us just after we got through customs…Ahhh, we’re finally here!!!! 

Still can’t picture where we are? Let me help you.

Here is the bottom half of the good ol’ US of A and Central America.

Can you see Haiti and the Dominican Republic over there on the right? Just north of Venezuela, and just southeast of Florida?

Here is a close-up of the island. Haiti on the left, the Dominican Republic (or, “the DR”) on the right:

Here is a close-up of the DR):

Do you see just east of Santo Domingo, it says, “San Pedro”? Well, that’s where we are!!
So…yes, here we are. And WHO are WE, you might ask? We are the Mexican Mobergs. We are the Mexican-two adults, one baby, six bags, one car seat, 50 lbs of baby food, and over 200 mosquito bites between the two of us-Mobergs. 
This is our home for a total of 6 weeks. 
The property is beautiful.
I took this right after a storm…cool, eh?
The people are lovely, the weather is HOT and HUMID, the sky is crystal clear (except when it’s not…like in all these photos…haha).
And the mosquitoes are the most awful creatures in the existence of existing. They are the bane of my existence.
How disgusting is this? You can count 13 mosquito bites on my leg and foot JUST from this one view. (It’s kind of hard to see but there are 5 on the right side of my foot alone.) Everyone says there’s an “initiation” week, and then your blood adjusts or something and it gets better. However, we’re on day 11 and they are FO’ SURE still biting the heck out of me. All I do all day long is put on mosquito repellent, but still they find me… :/
And now for a little tour. The property is one big rectangle.
Here is the first half of the rectangle, looking at the front gate from our balcony:
The villa to the left of the gate has the office, community room, and kitchen on the first floor, and then it has two bedrooms upstairs. 
Here is a view of the second half, looking at it from the gate:
The Villa on the left is where our room is. The single guys stay in the villa to the right.
A close-up of our villa! Our room is in the upper left part. So the window that’s open on the far upper left is our window.  And the balcony that’s to the right of the window is our balcony. We share our villa with Danae & Danny and Adrienne. We share a bathroom with Danae & Danny.
Here is a picture of our room, mosquito net and all…
Elliott’s pack ‘n play is equipped with his very own mosquito net! YEAH!

The only problem with sleeping in the same room as Elliott is that now I want to take pictures of him even when he’s sleeping!! So here are a couple of my favorite sleeping shots, through his mosquito net:
Elliott rarely falls asleep on his back, so when he does I just think it’s the cutest! And, seriously now–could his outfit possibly be any cuter?!
Stay tuned for a “Meet the Staff” post!!

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  1. I'm so thankful you did this!!! It makes it so much easier to picture the stories:) You are an amazing missionary. Raegan can't believe how many bites you have!
    Love you.

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