Good Times, Great Oldies

And when I say “oldies” I’m not referring to age here, people.

These are some of Brian’s oldest friends. Again, I’m not talkin’ wrinkles and gray hairs, but length of friendship years. Kristin and Denise have known Brian since even before I knew Brian (gasp!) and are two of the biggest “Brian Moberg” fans that I know. And there’s nothing greater than being around people who think your husband is just the greatest. It was so great to spend an evening with them. 

Piper, Wesley, Denise, Brian, Elliott, Kyla & Kristin
Kristin just may be one of the most compassionate women you’ll ever know in a lifetime. She spends her days devoted to helping middle-schoolers live peaceful lives on the straight and narrow. 

Denise is a super fun, hip mama of three who teaches her kids with passion and patience. We wished her husband Dwayne could have joined us! 

Kyla and Piper loved lil’ Elliott!

Cah-ute-ee-pie!!! Little Wesley will steal your heart in an instant!

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