A Very Happy Half Birthday!

Our sweet baby boy is 6 months old! The joy that he brings to our lives is indescribable…we just cherish every second with our little man!

One of the best parts about this last month is that Elliott is learning that he can joke around with us. He LOVES to fake laugh just to watch our responses. It’s so hilarious…sometimes we just laugh back and forth together for what seems like all day! Also this month, he’s started saying, “ma ma ma” and “ba ba ba.” And he thinks it’s HILARIOUS when he says the syllables and you repeat them back to him! I love his sense of humor!!

Here are some picture highlights from this month…

he can sit unsupported!
So last month he could sit as long as he supported himself with his hands, but a week after his 5 month birthday he figured out how to sit without hands! Now he’s a champ…incredibly stable.

he can stand without our support!
And he LOVES this position…it’s his new favorite. 

he’s still working on crawling!
He can tuck his knees and sometimes push himself up on all fours and has accidentally scooted himself backwards a couple times…

he loves his Leap Frog table! 

Mostly because he loves chewing on the book 🙂

Such a stud.

This is my favorite picture of him this month! I love that face!!!

Classic Elliott 
And Classic Elliott 🙂
 6 month birthday party!
Grandma and Grandpa Moberg, Kevin, Tabitha and the cousins all gathered to celebrate Elliott’s 6 month birthday. We had mint mud pie in his honor :). 
Opening his first present
He loves his new turtle!
Snuggles with Taylor
And Hailey!
I love this picture! Besides Hailey’s adorableness, look at the reflection in the window behind me…Micah is on Tabitha’s lap and Taylor is playing with him the same way Hailey is playing with Elliott! I love it!
He loves his new photo chew book from Grandma & Grandpa
Micah and Elliott
And now to end with some smiley pics of our little love
My favorite 🙂
Elliott’s friend Henry let him borrow this outfit for a few months. We snapped a few pics before giving it back. So cute!
and a couple shots of the padres

Stripe twins!

He’s clearly ready for a nap :).
I can’t believe we’re halfway to a year. That makes me so happy and so sad all at once… My little baby is practically a grown boy. Well, solids, here we come!! 

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