We spent a week in Colorado visiting friends and family!

We dressed Elliott in his Bronco colors and hopped on the plane!

He is becoming an expert flyer! 

 Elliott hasn’t seen Grandpa and Nonna since he was one week old!

Getting re-acquainted with his cousin Fable

“Elliott, I’m a princess…here, take my hand!”

Who can sit up the straightest?

Fable trying to dance with Elliott

Grammy Karen

Opening a present from Grammy Karen

 Elliott finally got to meet Aunt Amber, Uncle Jeff, … 

He loved bouncing with Uncle Jeff
…and his cousins Gryffin, Jaxon, and Rowan!

Fable, Rowan, Gryffin & Jaxon

Fable, all tuckered out 🙂

Rowan and Fay…so cute :). They are just 2 months apart!
My nieces and I all wore purple the same night 🙂

Uncle Doug and Sweet Fay

Elliott in front of Pike’s Peak for the first time!

Reading bedtime stories with Nonna

Garden of the Gods with Grandpa

Elliott’s first bowling adventure!

Elliott got a strike the first time he bowled with Daddy! Seriously!! 

Fable LOVED the wind machine!
Have you ever seen a cuter face? I didn’t think so… She is wonderful :).

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with Nonna… 

and Aunt Melanie and Fable…

the giraffes…

Daddy and the giant bear…

Mommy, and Uncle Doug

P.S. Post high school, strangers would always ask Doug and me if we were dating. When I saw this picture I just laughed, thinking about that…this could totally be a family portrait :). Elliott and Fable could be brother and sister with those big blue eyes! Ha!
Grandpa and Nonna bought Elliott this little hat from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo…could he possibly be any cuter??

Our little safari man with his giraffe
so grateful for my dear friends from Colorado!

Sara and Emmy
Jill and Kari
Charlotte, Noah, Caleb, Quinn, Ava & Elliott

Two of the bravest, best mommies that I know!

  Kari and I were pregnancy bonding buddies, in the most unfortunate way. 🙁  Kari takes the cake for the worst pregnancies I’ve ever heard of. I sure did give her a run for her money though with mine :). We were so excited to see each other–not pregnant this time–and for our little buddies to finally meet. They are just 12 days apart!!

Here’s a pic from November when we were both almost 6 months pregnant.

And here are our boys…on the outside :). Yahoo!!!

You can see they called each other and both planned to wear stripes.
And the girls…

Brian, double-fisting it 🙂
Bosom buddies 🙂

Until next time, Colorado!!

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