Cheeseburger Paradise

So it’s not a huge secret that I had a cheeseburger or two (um, every single day) of my second and third trimesters of my pregnancy with Elliott. I am convinced that’s why he’s so strong and healthy!! You’ve gotta consume over 100 grams of protein daily when you’re roasting a bun in your oven! So having a cheeseburger for one of my two daily lunches (or for one of my two daily dinners) was a great way to get in those grams.

Melisa got Elliott this incredibly perfect Cheeseburger outfit, and I’ve been dying to put him in it and take him to my favorite cheeseburger place!! We discovered this place on our way to get our Christmas tree while I was pregnant with the mighty man, so it’s about 30 minutes away–just outside of Lacy. But it was–hands DOWN–the best burger I had my entire pregnancy. And that’s saying a lot. Because I tried them all, folks.

So welcome to Norma’s Burgers, everyone!!

Here are a few fun pics from our adventure:

Do you see his hat?!? It says “small fry“!!!!!

My Elliott, who is part cheeseburger himself.

Ha! Look at that face!!!

Chillin’ in the booth

He LOVES it here! I think he feels a real connection with cheeseburgers.

So. incredibly. excited. to. be. here.

Daddy & son…the best of chums!

Our family, in Cheeseburger Paradise.

Elliott, I’m so glad you enjoyed your first cheeseburger restaurant experience on the outside of my womb! You have no idea how much more I prefer you on the outside…with you on the outside, my cheeseburgers stay on the inside!!! 🙂

Love you, small fry! 

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