A Very Happy Half Birthday!

Our sweet baby boy is 6 months old! The joy that he brings to our lives is indescribable…we just cherish every second with our little man! One of the best parts about this last month is that Elliott is learning that he can joke around with us. He LOVES to fake laugh just to watch… Continue reading A Very Happy Half Birthday!

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Good Times, Great Oldies

And when I say “oldies” I’m not referring to age here, people. These are some of Brian’s oldest friends. Again, I’m not talkin’ wrinkles and gray hairs, but length of friendship years. Kristin and Denise have known Brian since even before I knew Brian (gasp!) and are two of the biggest “Brian Moberg” fans that… Continue reading Good Times, Great Oldies

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We spent a week in Colorado visiting friends and family! We dressed Elliott in his Bronco colors and hopped on the plane! He is becoming an expert flyer!   Elliott hasn’t seen Grandpa and Nonna since he was one week old! Getting re-acquainted with his cousin Fable “Elliott, I’m a princess…here, take my hand!” Who can sit… Continue reading Colorado

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