Cheeseburger Paradise

So it’s not a huge secret that I had a cheeseburger or two (um, every single day) of my second and third trimesters of my pregnancy with Elliott. I am convinced that’s why he’s so strong and healthy!! You’ve gotta consume over 100 grams of protein daily when you’re roasting a bun in your oven!… Continue reading Cheeseburger Paradise

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Tacos, Faith and a Step Into The Unknown!

We have some news. And every time I’ve mentioned to someone that we have some news, the response has–almost 100% of the time–always been, “Oh my goodness, you’re either pregnant or you’re moving.” Well, we’re not pregnant, so…. You guessed it! We’re moving. Yes, yes. You read that right. Now you must wondering, “To where?”… Continue reading Tacos, Faith and a Step Into The Unknown!

2 Years of BLISS

Sometimes I just still can’t believe that he picked ME…. Brian and I celebrated two years of wedded bliss on August 8th. It was the perfect day. We spent a quick hour or so at Point Defiance Park during Elliott’s quick awake time. We’re excited for him to be able to stay awake longer stretches… Continue reading 2 Years of BLISS

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