Tacos, Faith and a Step Into The Unknown!

We have some news.

And every time I’ve mentioned to someone that we have some news, the response has–almost 100% of the time–always been, “Oh my goodness, you’re either pregnant or you’re moving.”

Well, we’re not pregnant, so….

You guessed it!

We’re moving.

Yes, yes. You read that right.

Now you must wondering, “To where?”

Well, my friends, blink your eyes a few times and read on…

We’re moving to Mexico.
Yes, thee Mexico.
Little did we know that my “Mexican Mobergs” blog post was soon to be more of a reality than anyone could have ever expected. Because now we are moving there. To become Mexicans.
But seriously…anyone who knows me well knows I have spent long nights dreaming about becoming a Mexican. Now that we’re moving there, I FULLY plan on accepting the complete identity of an honest-to-goodness Senora.
Just call me “Senora Moberg.” (Ahem, “Moberg” needs to be said with a Spanish accent…i.e., “Moh-bare-guh”)
What are we going to do there (besides becoming Mexicans) you may ask? Well, let me tell you mis amigos. Grab a taco and listen up.
We have decided to become missionaries
We are joining Youth With A Mission (YWAM). There are opportunities with YWAM all over the world, but we are beginning our journey in Tijuana, Mexico. This may sound crazy to you, but our lives the past year have been pretty crazy too, so we’re just trying to keep it consistent :).
But really, we believe God is calling us there. And so we are stepping out in faith. Big time faith. It’s not easy thinking about leaving friends and family, but we believe God is guiding us there and we know that the most joy-filled place is in His will. So, with our shields of faith we step out into the land of the green, white and red. The land of quesadillas and sombreros. The land of the brown-skinned, brown-eyed people whom I adore.
We hope you will follow us there (through our blog!) and continue to journey with us as we take this step of faith.
Hasta luego, amigos!

The REAL DEAL Mexican Mobergs


  1. OOOOOH-M-GEEEEE! We are shocked and excited for you guys! This is amazing!! You will be missed but I am thrilled you are joining your native culture this next season!

  2. Wow…what an exciting journey you have ahead! Cant wait to follow your stories along the way. So excited for you guys, way to step out in faith!
    Blessings, bryna

  3. YAY!!!! As fellow Ywam'ers we are THRILLED for you guys! What a fun adventure and an incredible base to go to! Would love to hear more about your journey in deciding to go if you have a minute to shoot me an email 🙂 So fun!

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