August Madness Part 3

We could have never guessed how timely the Lance Wallnau conference and the concept of Brian finding his true passion would be when we booked tickets for it in early July… Right before heading down to Mexico, Brian’s company (KLM) was in an extremely fragile spot. To put it *very* simply, a client that has owed… Continue reading August Madness Part 3

August Madness Part 2

As if growing a baby, throwing up multiple times a day and being in two weddings weren’t enough challenges for the month of August, we decided to go Mazatlan. As many of you know, other than spiders & heights, I’m not scared of too many things. Especially international travel. Let me remind you that I… Continue reading August Madness Part 2

August Madness Part 1

We had a crazy August. It may not have been so bad had I not been in the height of sickness, but you throw throwing-up multiple times a day into the mix of ANYTHING and it becomes crazy. WEDDINGS GALORE!! Two of my best friends got married in August to two incredible men!! Yay!! I… Continue reading August Madness Part 1

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“The Baby Moby Story”

So there we were at church on a Wednesday night, and my pastor came up to me and said, “Are you pregnant?” “No!” I quickly responded.Without hesitation, he asked again. “Are you SURE?”At which point, I paused, did some quick thinking and calculations and replied, “No….”And he just shrugged his shoulders with a little smirk and… Continue reading “The Baby Moby Story”

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The Proposal!

Our Engagement Day!! May 2, 2009 The day started a little early for a Saturday morning. Susanne had questioned why they were leaving at 8:30 but Brian had assured her that it would be good to get the day started early. She didn’t care that much. Brian was taking her out to breakfast on the… Continue reading The Proposal!

The Journey to Mazatlan

Here is my recount of the journey to Mexico, taken out of my journal from August 11, 2010: As I kneeled over the poop-streaked toilet in the SeaTac Airport heaving and gagging and throwing up the final remains of stomach bile left inside of me, I thought, “You know, this could be a lot worse.”… Continue reading The Journey to Mazatlan