Elliott Turns 11 and Our Blog Becomes Extinct

It seems fitting that our blog would take its place among the dinosaurs the same year Elliott turned 11. If you’ll remember, we started this little bloggy blog when we were pregnant with Elliott, so just over 11 years ago. And 11 years in computer age is like ELEVEN HUNDRED years in human years. So, our theme (I think that’s what it’s called?!?) is officially EXTINCT. KAPUT. GONE. At rest with the dinos. I noticed in February that our blog was doing something weird…the font turned white which obviously made it hard to read. I figured Brian (aka, builder of the blog and technical support) just needed to push a couple buttons to restore it after an update or something. But alas, when he finally had the 5 minutes to sit down and look at it, he informed me that the change was a result of the fact that our theme was dead. DEAD! Rest in peace, dear lovely theme that faithfully stuck with us for 11 years.

He tinkered with it for close to an hour, trying to get it legible again. The result is something that I would not call “aesthetically pleasing” but it works. It functions. It will do for now. Brian says we will have to start from ground zero and rebuild our blog with a new theme. That does not happen to be MY personal forte and he has approximately *ZERO* extra minutes right now to tend to this problem. So, for those of you who are truly faithful and willing to bear with us as I post a blog or two here and there with my extinct theme, you definitely fall under the category of “true friend/family member.”

I will admit I thought about ending our blog’s life, rather than raising it from the dead, but I can’t bring myself to do it. This serves as the one and only scrapbook we will most likely ever have of our little lives, and I’m committed to making it through as long as there is life in these nimble typing fingers of mine.

So that being said, I bring you the belated news of Elliott’s 11th birthday! His birthday was on a Sunday and he begged us to open one gift before church. We had just happened to get him a new bible for his birthday so we figured it would be very appropriate to let him open it before heading off. He was gifted a bible many years ago with a children’s version of text and he has been asking for one with an ESV translation, which is what we all use. We found him a perfect navy and light blue one and it will never cease to delight my heart that my children are OVER THE MOON when receiving a bible as a gift.

His Washington Grandma and Grandpa arrived that afternoon and surprised us while at church! We celebrated together the next day with a special breakfast, dinner and, of course, mud pie.

As far as celebrating with his friends, you may recognize this birthday theme and think I have simply reposted last year’s birthday party, but alas, it is indeed a new year. All this guy ever wants to do for his birthdays for the rest of his life is play Capture the Flag on our property. And come on, who wouldn’t?!?

We gathered with around 50 people I think (I never got a full accurate count but that is a ballpark) to celebrate this big guy’s life. It was a blast and, unlike last year when it snowed the morning of the party, the weather was PERFECT. I know what you’re thinking–“said no one ever in Colorado”–but I’m telling you, it was. It was cloudy and around 70 degrees and LITTLE-TO-NO WIND. Not too hot, not too cold, cloud cover…it was awesome.

Thanks to all of our loved ones who could come out and bless the depths of our son’s heart by joining him in yet another epic game of Capture the Flag!! Happy birthday to our mighty Elliott!!


  1. Happy 11th Birthday, Elliott!! You are a fine young man who makes your family so proud! Oh how we wish we could have joined you to play Capture the Flag! Maybe someday, hopefully sooner than later! Until then, be safe & healthy –
    Love & God Bless, Aunt Adele & Uncle Serge xxxooo

  2. He looks SO GROWN UP in these pics…we love you, Elliott!!! And keep those nimble fingers typing, dear friend!!!!

  3. Happy belated birthday to Elliott ~ he looks happy, healthy and so grown up! It looks like you all had a lot of birthday fun, a wonderful start to a new year…we’re hoping he enjoys every moment of the days to come! Love and hugs, Aunt Paula & Uncle Joe xoxo

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